Open Thread!



I’m off to the Claremont Resort to spend weekend with Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, Francis Fukuyama, Christine Todd Whitman, Walter Mead, Steve Rattner, and other interesting folks. I will be watching matters in the Bolton arena very closely — particularly for any late-day breaking news out of the Karl Rove operation.

Why Senator Roberts Made This Mistake. . .<em>TWN</em> Learns More



Ok. . .A legitimate question might arise as to why Senate Select Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts would behave so rudely and presumptiously towards his colleagues, Democrat or not, in this inquiry into the names of U.S. officials on the NSA intercepts. TWN has learned how the idea was hatched.

Senator Roberts’ Silly Move Today: Was it on Purpose? Or Did He Just Not Think This Through Well?



At about 6:30 this evening, Senator Pat Roberts proposed a so called compromise. Senator Roberts said he had gone through the minority report and found names that were listed in it, Carl Ford, Christian Westermann, Mr. Smith (Fulton Armstrong), Rexon Ryu, Jack Pritchard and two unnamed individuals.

Open Thread Time. . .but Senator Pat Roberts Gets Dunce Hat for the Day



Tonight, I am seeing Batman Begins. My friends are trying to slowly wean me off of constant “strategery” in the John Bolton battle. Don’t worry though, I think that the film will give me some new ideas. Tomorrow there could be another Bolton cloture vote.