Rumblings, Rumblings…..on Bolton


Rumors are bubbling again that the White House may be cooking up a “package” that they think might appeal to the Democrats — opening the way for a potential vote on Bolton. . .but these sorts of rumors have bubbled before with nothing coming.
John McCain is actively trying to “broker” a deal — but he has been at it for some time and is frustrated with White House intransigence. He supports the principle of document requests that the Dems are making — and the White House doesn’t like McCain criticizing the administration on that front.
John Bolton actually visited Senator Biden yesterday, and Senator Dodd was in the meeting. Dodd quickly put out a release that he encouraged Bolton to go see Vice President Cheney to get the administration to stop blocking the Senate’s document requests. Biden made clear to various media that he told Bolton that the current impasse was not about Bolton per se — but rather about the principle of separation of powers and about the Senate’s constitutional responsibility and right to request documents on executive branch nominees.
Interestingly, the White House — at first — denied that such a meeting had taken place. That was odd. It seems that Bolton’s initiative may have been one that he himself initiated. Good for him if that’s the case.
All of those who voted against cloture previously have reiterated their intention to vote against cloture again. Senator Mark Pryor might join those opposed to cloture on Bolton as well.
If the Senate does receive a “package” from the White House — it will come at the end of the day, after the news cycle — but perhaps in time for weekend talk shows. . .though there may be not enough time before Monday to study whatever relevant comes through the document requests.
TWN will keep you posted.
Now. . .I’m off to Berkeley.
— Steve Clemons