The Schedule Ahead: First Chance to Reconsider Bolton Will Be Wednesday, June 8


The first “order of business” when the Senate comes back into session on Monday evening will be debate on the judicial nomination of Janice Rogers Brown. (For a refresher, click here.) Debate should continue through Tuesday, and we’ll see if the “deal” on judges and judicial nomination filibusters holds or not.
The first chance that John Bolton’s nomination could be reconsidered would be Wednesday, though Senator Frist has NOT indicated that he will push this yet. A second failure on Bolton on the Senate floor would no doubt prove fatal to the nomination — and TWN would welcome such a maneuver but we won’t be so lucky.
In the mean time, rumor has it that Senator Dodd is crafting a letter today and addressed to the White House which carefully articulates what the outlines of a “document deal” could look like. Dodd is emphasizing still the unedited NSA transcripts inclusive of names of U.S. officials and firms mentioned. He will offer flexibility about which members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee could be given access to these documents.
Dodd is also emphasizing in the letter requests for all information related to discussions, emails, and the back and forth tug of war over Bolton’s views on what he believed was a WMD program in Syria. The White House is apparently considering this request more seriously, which means that Condoleeza Rice will have to relax her steadfast opposition to releasing this material.
There may be other items on the Dodd list as well — including the roster of clients that Matthew C. Freedman — a former registered lobbyist for the Marcos family and Nigeria — maintained while a ‘management consultant’ making a six-figure salary in a part-time role in Bolton’s operation.
The letter may be sent to the White House as early as tomorrow morning.
More later.
— Steve Clemons