If Every American Just Gave a Dollar. . . Comments on Bush’s Supplemental Budget Request for the Afghan and Iraq Conflicts



When I was more youthful, less cynical, and thought that some of the world’s most severe problems could be solved if every American just gave a dime, or a quarter, or a dollar, I had no idea how expensive fixing some of the world’s problems could be. George W.

Divining the Next Trade Czars: In Washington and Geneva


I am sorry to see that my pal Grant Aldonas has fallen out of the rumour mill on who might be the next U.S. Trade Representative. Chris Nelson of the Nelson Report gives a glimpse of the latest jockeying, both for USTR and the next Director General of the World Trade Organization.

Wolfowitz’s Anthrax Obsession



I have posted in the past several items on the question of forced anthrax vaccinations among our military ranks. What I have found interesting in this debate are the lengths that DoD civilian leaders are willing to go to obfuscate for and hide from Congressional oversight what the key intelligence is that justifies these vaccinations….

The Beginning of Something? Not <a href="http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archives/000208.html"><em>Al Qaeda 2.0</em></a> but a Serious Terrorism Confab and Election in Riyadh



My friend and colleague Peter Bergen is headed back from Saudi Arabia’s first international terrorism conference in Riyadh. He writes: In the sprawling desert city where Osama bin Laden was born almost half a century ago, last week the Saudis held their first international counterterrorism conference.




These almost sound like John Grisham titles — but they are respectively the new London Review of Books article ‘title’ on the future of the Supreme Court I recommended a few days ago — and mention of the author, Bruce Ackerman. It’s a very instructive and important article. Here is the link.