Wow! We Won One! <em>Gunner Palace</em> Wins its Battle for PG-13 Rating



Thanks to all of you who signed the Gunner Palace petition requesting that the Motion Picture Association of America revise its “R” rating of the film to “PG-13”. This is a big win for Michael Tucker who shot this documentary and the soldiers whose story he helps tell in their words.

Did Stan Shih Really Say that a Woman’s Place was in the Home?



I am just wrapping up an interesting conference in Kauai sponsored by the BMW Foundation which assembled about 50 alumni of the foundation’s various young leaders programs over the last decade. We had a bunch of Russians here, Germans, Chinese, Americans, and some individuals from Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, and India. Fascinating group of people….

A Soldier’s Magnanimity: Comment from Brady Van Engelen



I posted a comment the day before yesterday on a New America Foundation sponsored screening that I helped host (with my colleague Jenny Buntman) of Gunner Palace. There were some interesting folks in the audience, including the mother of one of the memorable characters in Michael Tucker’s documentary.