MPAA ALERT: <em>Gunner Palace</em> Appealing “R” Rating — Sign Petition


With all of the recruiting our military services do among our country’s youth — it is outrageous that the Motion Picture Association of America would try and bar youth from seeing Gunner Palace. This documentary is about as honest and unbiased a documentary on the realities of a soldier’s life in Baghdad as I could imagine.
I just signed this electronic petition to MPAA President Dan Glickman that reads:
We the undersigned demand that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) immediately change the voluntary movie rating assigned to the upcoming Iraq War documentary film “Gunner Palace” from “R” (Restricted) to “PG-13”.
The appeal will be decided Thursday this week — so whether you supported this war or not, this collage of soldier’s stories — in their own, unedited words — deserves to be seen broadly in America.
I hope you will sign the linked petition — and get your friends, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, local national guard units and soldiers — to sign too.
— Steve Clemons