Wolfowitz’s Anthrax Obsession


I have posted in the past several items on the question of forced anthrax vaccinations among our military ranks. What I have found interesting in this debate are the lengths that DoD civilian leaders are willing to go to obfuscate for and hide from Congressional oversight what the key intelligence is that justifies these vaccinations.
I don’t have time at the moment to write the kind of piece I want to on this — and I have a couple of comments posters who seem to be working for the “anthrax vaccines are ok” lobby. I don’t have anything against these folks — but I do have some questions.
There is fear among the ranks about these vaccines. And there are many cases where people feel that the vaccines seriously disabled them. I have seen no effort by the military to allay the fears of the public or to provide alternative explanations for some of the tragic reactions troops have had to the vaccine.
Here is one scary ABC News Report on a soldier’s reaction to the vaccine. (This is a video pop-up.)
More on this before long.
— Steve Clemons