Lawrence Wilkerson Comments on South Carolina’s Worst



This is a guest note by Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff at the Department of State from 2001-2005 and a sixteen-year long aide to General Colin Powell. He now serves as Harriman Adjunct Professor of Government at the College of William & Mary. South Carolina’s Worst My father was a life-long Republican. This was not easy for him because my grandmother, a foundation stone of our family, was a life-long Democrat. Both were South Carolinians to their core–my grandmother…

Confronting the Climate Financial Crisis



(photo credit) This is a guest note by Nancy Soderberg and Francesco Femia. Nancy Soderberg is a former US Ambassador to the United Nations and President of the Connect U.S. Fund, a consortium of six U.S. foundations promoting key foreign policy goals. Francesco Femia is a Program Officer at the Connect U.S. Fund, where he focuses on climate and development issues. Confronting the Climate Financial Crisis There’s another financial crisis on the horizon — the climate financial crisis. Working towards…

What is John Kerry Planning on Cuba???



Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry is going to give a major speech on Cuba on Friday, the 6th of November, at Boston University. Congressman Bill Delahunt (D-MA) — who has been doing much of the heavy lifting on the Freedom to Travel (to Cuba) bill is also going to be at this important conference. What has been interesting to watch in Senator Kerry’s speeches this past year is a tendency to define challenges more clearly than the White…

Diplomacy is the Only Option with Iran



Amidst the debate in Washington surrounding the P5+1 negotiations with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, the conventional wisdom is that “engagement” with Iran cannot go on forever. If the Obama administration’s talks with Iran don’t bear fruit soon, we must “try something else.” But just what is that “something else.” The only two tactical suggestions I have come across are either the use of military force to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities or “crippling sanctions” that would starve…

LIVE STREAM: Daniel Yergin on What’s Next For Global Energy


Perhaps no one is better positioned to sift through the complicated and interrelated questions surrounding “peak oil,” renewable energy, climate change and energy security, than Cambridge Research Energy Associates Chairman Daniel Yergin. Yergin won a Pulitzer Prize for his book, The Pize: The Epic Quest For Oil, Money & Power, published nearly twenty years ago – and has recently written a new epilogue for the book on the current state of the great energy game. Yergin will be sitting down…




Wow. The U.S. lost a whopping vote at the United Nations on bringing rationality back to America’s Latin America portfolio and finally ending the last refuge of the Cold War. 187 nations voted against the United States. Israel and Palau voted with the U.S. Micronesia and the Marshall Islands abstained. Looks like America is the isolated party here. President Obama needs to turn this around. — Steve Clemons

CUBA United Nations Vote Today: US Should Abstain



Increasing numbers of national security leaders of the likes of Brent Scowcroft and George Shultz have said that the US embargo of Cuba makes no sense and harms American interests. Republican Congressman Jeff Flake — the hunky Arizona Congressman who recently spent five days alone on a remote Pacific island — has reminded Americans that it is COMMUNIST governments that are supposed to get a kick out of restricting the movements of its people — not DEMOCRATIC governments. Congressman Bill…

Hagel and Boren Announcement


As I reported last night at the J Street Gala Dinner at which former US Senator Chuck Hagel was giving a keynote address, the President has now announced officiall that former Senators Hagel and David Boren will co-chair the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. The announcement follows here: