cuban face.jpgWow.
The U.S. lost a whopping vote at the United Nations on bringing rationality back to America’s Latin America portfolio and finally ending the last refuge of the Cold War.
187 nations voted against the United States. Israel and Palau voted with the U.S. Micronesia and the Marshall Islands abstained.
Looks like America is the isolated party here.
President Obama needs to turn this around.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “US vs THE WORLD on CUBA

  1. yoyo says:

    Today, I went to beach with my kids. I found a shell and gave it to my 4-year-old daughter, said: “You can hear the sea, if you give it to your ears. “She put her ear and screaming shell. A hermit crab, it pinched the inside of her ears. She did not want to go back! LOL I know this is completely off topic, but I had to tell someone!


  2. JohnH says:

    Unilateralist habits die hard. Bush must be so proud of Obama!
    What benefit is there to acting like a rogue nation?


  3. DonS says:

    Certainly makes Obama’s “turning the page” in foreign affairs seem like so much hot air . . . as the world has come to expect from the US. When it’s not hot bullets that is.
    Maybe a moratorium on Obamaspeak for a year or two wouldn’t hurt.


  4. ... says:

    steve, my observation is your perspective rarely if ever makes it to the mainstream media… the ordinary american person is inoculated from the perspective of those from everywhere outside the usa…. it helps feed wigwags ”who cares what others think?” attitude.. most americans are never given a chance to care…


  5. MNPundit says:

    President Obama needs to turn this around.
    As if he could care less about this issue right now.


  6. brigid says:

    Steve, I have no fear because I know single-handedly you are going to turn Obama and the U.S. around on this. Even the Miami based Cuban rejectionists and your friends,their GOP allies, are going to be swayed by your rational arguments. Why, because they all deeply care about what the vote in the U.N. is.


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