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Expect a post from me this evening.
I’ll be traveling today to London for some quick meetings with foreign policy hands.
Tuesday and Wednesday, Athens.
Wednesday night through Saturday, Florence for a major terrorism conference sponsored by the NYU Center on Law and Security.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “<em>TWN</em> Travel Schedule

  1. tee says:

    Wow Best site I liked


  2. Coyote says:

    So Jefferson is guilty already ? Nice fair & balanced attitude around here.
    I`m not saying he isn`t but this whole sting has a very Rovian smell about it & who knows who he might be working with.
    Just saying to be careful what you assume you know.


  3. Finest says:

    Excuse the hyperbole but in reality this Jefferson Affair is amazing. Just read the search warrant at http://www.npr.com. Forget M.I. 3 or Da Vinci Code. This is better reading (viewing), and oh, by the way, he’s a Democrat. Fabulous insight into the expertise necessary to secure a warrant.


  4. Steve Clemons says:

    Finest — thanks for your views. Jefferson should go to jail in my view. Bad guy; corrupt. But my interest in the Plame matter will remain strong as it is one of the few legal handles that those who want to constrain the Executive Authority of the president have. More later,
    Steve Clemons


  5. Finest says:

    Steve Baby, Listen to me. This has gone too far. You insist on flogging this gluebag Plame nag ad infinitum when there are REAL stories breaking all around you. NOBODY cares about Armitage, Rove or Wilson IV, there is no crime and Fitzgerald is wasting my time, your time and the taxpayer’s money to save face. BUT, Jefferson is Dead Meat, caught so red-handed it’ll never wash off. He’s going to the slammer, (AND will be re-elected cuz’ his district is more corrupt than he is) and you could give a rat’s armitage about it. Steve, IT’S REAL NEWS!!


  6. Coyote says:

    Make sure that right arm is at EXACTLY 45 degrees when you say that


  7. Hugh bin Tagged says:

    The Pledge of Obedience!
    I pledge obedience to the flag
    of the Gulag State of America.
    And to the dictatorship
    which we have become.
    One nation
    under surveillance,
    with tyranny and injustice
    for all except,
    the corporate/political elite!


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