The View From Your Window: Moon in the Paris Sky


Paris Moon in the Sky Ben Rosengart TWN.jpg
(Moon Over Paris, photo credit: Ben Rosengart; click image to make larger)
Long-time TWN reader Ben Rosengart sent me three terrific shots this past week from three different windows he was housed in. I decided to post them one at a time.
Above is part three, taken in Paris. I love the moon in the sky and the antenna pointing at that moon.
The first two were taken in Brittany. This was part one. And then part two.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “The View From Your Window: Moon in the Paris Sky

  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Well, I read the exchange that questions recommended over at TPMcafe.
    It always intrigues me seeing some disingenuous asshole mentioning “the settlement freeze” as if there had actually been one. I guess people advancing such absolute horseshit simply don’t understand what it does to their credibility.
    As usual, Dan’s argument, and the rebuttals to his argument, exposed his intellectual opponents as shallow enablers for Israel’s behaviour, whose non-arguments were simply the usual advocations for the status quo. No wonder the jelly spined “questions” is salivating over the empty jar of nothingness that bslev brought to the table.


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Amazing, isn’t it? While any rational person observing Congress’s subservience to AIPAC and the various Israeli lobby groups has no stomach for questions’ bullshit on this topic, Nadine is down on all fours with a spoon and a straw, making sure none of it goes to waste.


  3. nadine says:

    Hi questions, have you noticed that once you buy into the ‘all powerful Israel Lobby’ theory, everything ‘confirms’ it? That’s the beauty of conspiracy theories, they explain EVERYTHING. The explanation is almost never correct, but it’s always plausible.
    Here’s how it works in I/P. The Arab regimes have turned the unresolved I/P conflict into a shield for their regimes: They tell their people that no local reform or development can happen until the problem of Palestine is resolved, keeping their street focused on an external enemy, and they tell the West the same thing. The Leftists buy into the idea, repeating that ridiculous notion that the immense list of problems and strife in the Middle East is all the fault of the unresolved I/P conflict. Being ‘Orientalists’, the Leftists assign the blame 100% to Israel, considering them the only ‘adults’ in the room and being self-forbidden from criticizing Arabs. Meantime, it is child’s play for the Arab regimes (& now Iran as well) to ensure that no attempt to negotiate a diplomatic solution every comes to anything.
    So, having bought the idea that it’s all Israel’s fault, how do Leftists explain that over 60% of Americans support Israel? How can so many not see what is obvious to the Left? Ans: an all-powerful Israel Lobby, sending out its influential ‘Jew-beams’ to sway the minds of the stupid proles.
    Notice how easily they can now explain whatever happens next. Suppose America tries to side with Arabs, act as a so-called “honest broker” by picking a fight with Israel, getting Israeli concessions, and then negotiations come to nothing because the Palestinians and Arab League absolutely refuse to cooperate. Do they blame the Arabs for not taking advantage of the opportunity? Of course not, they blame Israel for not giving enough, where ‘not enough’ is defined by the Arab’s refusal to cooperate.
    Suppose politicians and lobbyists representing the majority of Americans object to the policy and get it changed. Ah ha, that’s proof positive the “Israel Lobby” always gets its way.
    The policy can never be wrong. The policy can never fail to work. It’s always the fault of The Lobby. Every time.


  4. Don Bacon says:

    I just discovered that, while looking at Rosengart’s photo, if I bring my laptop screen toward me until the moon is invisible, then move it slowly away, night falls. Cool.


  5. questions says:

    First a book, I haven’t read it yet, but as my amazon cart is heading towards infinity, I will order it soon…..
    From the website:
    “Does America


  6. questions says:

    And in other news:
    Partial and temporary injunction on enforcement of Arizona law, and the article notes regarding the law’s passage that:
    “It coincided with economic anxiety and followed a number of high-profile crimes attributed to illegal immigrants and smuggling, though federal data suggests crime is falling in Arizona, as it is nationally, despite a surge of immigration.”
    It’s the economy stupid…..


  7. questions says:

    Open thread?? Beautiful pictures. Shame they weren’t posted in a slow news week….
    Unintended consequences we shoulda known about. Geez, you put high stakes testing in place for those kids missing those 32 million words by age 4 and whose parents’ vocabularies are equivalent to the vocab of a privileged 3rd grader and lo and behold, you have to make the standardized high stakes tests easier to pass….
    Will these reformers EVER learn???
    It’s not about “accountability” and it’s not about “testing” and it’s not actually really about lazy students or bad parents or uncaring parents or the curriculum or the text books or the management of the schools or the principal or the board of ed or the small schools movement or any of the other crap that catches the eye of the local billionaires (Bloomberg and Gates)…..
    It’s 32 million words by age 4.
    When someone can overcome that deficit, either by extending kindergarten and first grade to encompass 32 million words, or by squeezing them in somewhere else, we’ll see the gaps start to close.
    32 million words.
    Slowly complexifying concepts. The inexorable move from literal to figurative thinking. Symbolism, the way the things that are different are actually alike or they couldn’t be compared at all.
    32 million words.
    Could we send Arne Duncan to the Gulf to take over that? He couldn’t do any worse….


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