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I am up north of New York City today where it’s rainy, windy, and beautiful. Thanks to the hospitality of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, I’ll be staying at the Pocantico Conference Center which is the former coach and horse barn for Kykuit, the estate of John D. Rockefeller.
Our topic for discussion will be how to frame America’s defense and security challenges. The US in the World project will be presenting research findings on alternative ways to conceptualize America’s current security dilemmas — and how to move away from the troublesome ‘war on terror’, ‘war on al Qaeda’, ‘war on xxxx’ frames that distort America’s roster of global concerns.
Not sure I’ll be able to report out the findings just yet — but they’ve assembled a great group of thinkers and communications experts to sort this out.
— Steve Clemons
Editor’s Note: Thanks again to Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish who allowed me to follow his lead in posting occasional pics from readers and yours truly under the “The View from Your/My Window” heading, which was his construct.


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