Air Force One Off Into the Smog


delhi smog.jpg
I just caught AFP correspondent Stephen Collinson’s pool report from India as President Obama wraps up his trip there.
Here is the full, short report. . .but catch the last line on Air Force One taxiing off into the smog.

Pool Report # 1, Nov, 9 — New Delhi
Motorcade rolled at 8.35 am through emptied streets with armed soldiers and police stationed every few yards along the route.
No issues with departure pictures for pool as POTUS and FLOTUS in a cream dress worked a receiving line in reverse and walked up stairs hand in hand to wave farewell to India.
AF1 about to taxi off into the smog.

These fast-growing behemoth nations that are urbanizing and modernizing at lightning speed are generating city-smothering gobs of smog and pollution — but I daresay until I saw Collinson’s report I haven’t heard a single report this week about India dealing with its pollution issues or working further on climate.
— Steve Clemons


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