I’m flying back to Washington today from China. Just saw this surname calculator in the New York Times.
My last name, Clemons, has slipped to #1282 from #908 in most common surnames in the country.
How about yours?
More later.
— Steve Clemons


16 comments on “Surnames

  1. Hedley Lamarr says:

    I was a plus 29. Scandahovians are back!
    It is amazing how many latino names came before mine; Those of Viet Nam too.


  2. gqmartinez says:

    Looks like my last name is inching upwards (#11). I guess that just means there are more of us to racially profile.
    I’m kidding…on the square.


  3. Canuck Stuck in Muck says:

    My last name, Gargett, has fewer than 100 occurrences in the last census!


  4. Canuck Stuck in Muck says:

    My surname doesn’t even make it onto the list of names with more than a hundred occurrences in the census.


  5. tp says:

    My surname is tied for 20247th place, with only 1223 persons of that surname in the 2000 census.
    Very handy for science citations.
    Google: not so much. A brilliant artist in Germany has my first & last names.


  6. Steve Clemons says:

    sdc…that’s very cool actually. best, steve clemons


  7. sdc says:

    I’m proud to be rare – neither my father’s Irish nor my mother’s German surnames make the top 5000 names!


  8. sab says:

    My Scotch Irish maiden name is at about 200. My mohter’s maiden name is in the top 20. My Germanic/Swiss married name is about 2400. My Asian-american nephews’ surname is at about 1600. My hispanic next-door neighbors are in the top 10. This is what I love about America.We are all in this together.


  9. bluelephant says:

    We are at war.
    We are selling our souls to China.
    We are losing our middle class.
    We are failing our seniors and children.
    We are squandering our Constitutional liberties.
    What is your country worth to you?
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    A Venti Starbucks Latte
    A Supersized Big Mac Meal
    A Dominoes Pizza
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    Mike Lumpkin was a US Navy SEAL for 21 years.
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    And…he retired from the Navy to fight on a more pressing battlefront – Washington DC.
    How many lattes are you willing to sacrifice to help him?
    Go to and join this Fighting Dem’s mission.


  10. calling all toasters says:

    Goddammit, why does it take 3 minutes for a comment to go up here? I rewrite a comment and put it up, and then the old one comes out of the ether on time-delay.


  11. calling all toasters says:

    Hey, Robert Morrow, that was subtle. Hillary is worse than Hitler in the eyes of The People. Of course your data is almost certainly crap, as it starts in 1992, when you would expect naming kids “Hillary” to have peaked. And it ignores what The People actually say about Hillary, but I’m sure they’re too afraid to speak in public and only have their babies’ names as a protest (look at what happened to Vince Foster!). But your hero Rush would approve. Anything to stop That Bitch.


  12. calling all toasters says:

    Gee whiz, Robert Morrow, your name will certainly go down in history as a super-genius, and as many children will be named after you as after Wile E. Coyote. I wonder, yes I do, why you chose to start your list in 1992. Could it be that there was a major upswing in naming children “Hillary” at that time? Perhaps because Hillary Clinton was just then becoming famous? But of course you don’t give the data before then–I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that the years subsequent to 1993 look a lot like that before 1992. But then that would not support the idea that The People have rejected The Bitch. And we all know The Bitch (or perhaps all bitches) must be stopped.
    Beautifully played, and Rushbo thanks you.


  13. Kevin Hayden says:

    My surname, Hayden, has slipped from 816 to 847, but before I die, I intend to discredit it completely 😉


  14. karenk says:

    I couldn’t resist that one. Klein is ranked #359-pretty common,still no one ever seems to spell it right(Kline is the one most often written) Also, I’m probably the only Catholic Klein in NYC-I continually get mail from “Jews for Jesus”! It’s German-means small.


  15. Bonethug Iranian says:

    Been down so long, even the bottom looks like up!


  16. Robert Morrow says:

    “Hillary” is the most poisoned baby name in history – having pushed out “Ebenezer” and “Adolph” as in Ebenezer Scrooge and Adolph Hitler. By 2002 and 2003, “Hillary” was not even in the top 1,000 names for a female baby, after having been #131 in 1992.
    According to data published by the Social Security Administration, the name Hillary is the most severely poisoned baby name in history. Hillary had been steadily climbing the baby name charts since the 1960s, when it first graced the Top 1000, becoming the 136th most common name for baby girls in 1992. But the name sharply reversed course in 1993, smashing several longstanding records for name contamination in its plunge from the Top 1000 girl names last year.
    The title for the most rapid case of name contamination had been held by Ebenezer and then Adolph, names that were shunned by parents after they became associated with Dickens’s miserly banker and the Nazi dictator Hitler. But while Ebenezer and Adolph each took over 30 years to fall from the Top 1000 after they were negatively associated with their prominent name sakes, Hillary dropped off the charts in just 10 years, upsetting the prior records in less than 30% of the time. Besides this achievement, Hillary also set records for largest drop in a single year (295 places in 1994), two years (420 places in 1993-1994) and ten years (>864 from 1993 to 2002). These titles taken together constitute the grand slam of name poisoning.
    Popularity of the female name Hillary Year of birth Rank
    2006 982
    2005 883
    2004 809
    2003 a
    2002 a
    2001 887
    2000 878
    1999 856
    1998 868
    1997 725
    1996 693
    1995 684
    1994 566
    1993 261
    1992 131
    a Not in top 1,000 names for indicated year of birth
    Note: Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth. Name data are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States.


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