Little Tidbits from Denver


The Liberal Lion Returns — Senator Kennedy, who turbo-charged Sen. Obama’s bid for the Democratic nomination with his endorsement in January, has been out of the public spotlight with a malignant brain tumor, is reportedly scheduled to speak on the opening night of the Democratic convention. For Massachusetts delegates and beyond, it might rank with Paul Pierce’s comeback in Game 1.
The Loquacious Lion’s Past — Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden not only overcame innumerable struggles over the course of his life, the man who is now known to be be quite verbose, leading to the occassional political gaffe, has come a long way since his youth. From the Irish Times:

Until his late teens, he suffered from a stutter so severe that he was excused from public speaking in school but, quoting Yeats and Emerson in front of the mirror for hours on end, he overcame it to become one of the most loquacious figures in American public life today.

His addition to the ticket might also help with American Jewish voters
Families Feud Again — The Obama and Clinton camps are warring again. Speaking assignments for Bill are part of the tension.
And McCain is proactively capitalizing on this wedge with ads like this one. It goes:

“I’m a proud Hillary Clinton Democrat,” says Debra Bartoshevich.
“Now in a first for me, I’m supporting a Republican,” she says, replacing the Clinton sign she’s holding with a McCain sign. “I respect his maverick and independent streak. He’s the one with the experience and judgment.”
“A lot of Democrats will vote McCain,” she concludes. “It’s OK, really.”

Democrats Lament Georgia’s Plight — Yesterday at a National Democratic Institute Reception for Global Leaders, DNC Chairman Howard Dean and Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi both addressed the reception of some 500 international audience and made particular gestures to the Georgian delegation expressing their sympathy and support for their democratic aspirations, but pledging no material support other than investigative delegations and hearings. I’m sure the Georgians thought their words hollow but it was still the right move.
— Sameer Lalwani


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