Seattle Meetings — For <em>TWN</em> Readers


I’m enjoying Seattle — now finagling my way into Microsoft’s Annual TechFest event for which I just signed a non-disclosure agreement to get in to see the cool stuff.
It’s kind of interesting that the front doors of the building I am in on Microsoft’s campus says that one of the exhibits has a couple of cats — so people with allergies need to watch out. Since that was on the front door, I don’t think I’m bound by the non-disclosure contract.
But to some TWN beer and coffee gatherings. . .
I’m going to be at “Drinking Liberally” tonight, Tuesday, after 8:00 p.m. This group meets at the Montake Ale House at 2307 24th Ave E in Seattle. Here is a map.
Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, at 10:30 am, I will be meeting a group of TWN readers at the Starbucks at Washington Mutual Tower — the largest Starbucks in Seattle — at 2nd & Union Streets in downtown Seattle.
Please join if you can. I really enjoy these coffee political gossip and chat sessions.
Thursday and Friday, I’ll be in Las Vegas for some political science meetings and all next week will be on a research trip to Havana, Cuba.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Seattle Meetings — For <em>TWN</em> Readers

  1. rebecca says:

    That was an awesome surprise to see you at Drinking Liberally. I appreciate the Machiavellian strategy angle. Personally I don’t see Hagel as being a serious enough contender in the Republican primary to focus enough attention on what his awesome foreign policy ideas might be. Personally I’m also uncomfortable as a liberal democrat with the optics of publically promoting republican candidates especially in a primary season scenario.


  2. daCascadian says:

    Richard W. Crews >”…Aren’t there thousands of people living in the USA that think they own something (that they haven’t seen in 50+ years) in Cuba?”
    True but remember that sort of situation hasn`t stopped the Israelis either.
    “History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.” – Edward Gibbon


  3. Ben P says:

    Fancy this. You’re going to be at a meeting thats a five minute walk from my house. I just might have to go.


  4. blognanny says:

    Steve Clemons is Da Bomb. Thanks for posting your Seattle meetings!


  5. Richard W. Crews says:

    Maybe you could clarify my take on Republican policy on Cuba ” “We won’t allow decent medical care or international relations until Cuba gives our whorehouses back to our Mafia.”
    Aren’t there thousands of people living in the USA that think they own something (that they haven’t seen in 50+ years) in Cuba?


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