RIP Boris Yeltsin


I made my first trip to Russia when Boris Yeltsin was president, when Russians were extremely anxious about economic insecurity and Russia’s declining influence in the world. Sadly, those feelings during Yeltsin’s up-and-down presidency tainted his image in Russia.
Here’s hoping Yeltsin is remembered more as the courageous reformer who helped to usher in a new era of peace, democracy, and international cooperation.
— Scott Paul


3 comments on “RIP Boris Yeltsin

  1. Jon Stopa says:

    As a drunk, Yeltsin was able to voice Russian anger over the collapse of the Soviet Empire plainly, then go into the back room and deal with the results of defeat with Bill Clinton. Clinton knew this from his personal exprience and was able to waltz with Yeltsin quite well. Poof! No war breaks out with the fall of the Empire. Yes, there are details–but they are details. I guy can’t do every thing. Especially if he is a drunk.


  2. rp says:

    unfortunately as this BBC article notes
    “Fifteen years ago everything in Russia was owned by the state. Today a quarter of Russia’s economy is owned by 36 men.”
    Sadly Yeltsin may be remembered for the actions that led to this.


  3. Matthew says:

    I will remember him as the man who empowered the Russian kleptocrats who built nothing and stole the assets of the Russian (and other former Soviet) people/s.
    Balzac’s words fit Yeltsin’s Russia like a glove: Behind every great fortune is a great crime.


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