Reactions to the Pakistani 24 Bombers


(Al Jazeera Washington DC Bureau news producer Mysa Khalaf)
I have been in back-to-back meetings and doing quite a number of interviews, including on Air America’s “The Al Franken Show“. I am now at Al Jazeera‘s DC studios, with the renowned producer Mysa Khalaf, preparing for “Hassad” (The Harvest: The News Hour).
At 7 p.m., I will be on with former National Intelligence Officer for the Middle East and Georgetown University Professor Paul Pillar, Brown University scholar and Info Tech War Peace Project Director James Der Derian, and University of Chicago scholar and expert on “suicide terrorism” Robert Pape on Chrystopher Lydon’s excellent think-radio show, “Open Source” discussing the domestic political gaming triggered by this foiled terrorist plot.
More soon — a lot more.
— Steve Clemons


20 comments on “Reactions to the Pakistani 24 Bombers

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  7. EEK says:

    MEOWWW! Good looks and a terrific dancer.
    More like Islamic Freedom Fighters, brought to you by Amerikorp, disenfranchising the 3rd world for a new millenia.


  8. jerry says:

    Boy, she’s cute!


  9. Pissed Off American says:

    “POA, are you really so ignorant that you don’t believe the islamists hate our freedom?”
    Yep, I am sure that the families of those that died today in Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza hate us because we are free.
    Right, just keep telling yourself that, you ignorant schmuck.


  10. yahaddasayit says:

    alec, usually I find some solace in what POA says (beyond his demeanor). But this time I think you come up on the winning side of an issue. Yes, I agree the “islamists hate our freedom”. You know, the freedom to impose Israel on Palestine instead of Bavaria. The freedom to overthrow an elected Iranian government. The freedom to support Saddam versus Iran in that long war betweenst ’em. The freedom to prop up the Saudi rulers, the Egyptian thugs, all those oil sheikdoms and OBL himself against our last bogeyman. The freedom to invade another country helped by the lies perpetuated by your dualist buddies. We felt free all these decades to take the oil money, the military hardware money, and all that investment capital and just lick our chops in self-satisfaction. We were living fat when, my god, we got wapped upside the bean and enough of our proud citizens displayed their cultivated ignorance in willingly nodding their heads while the noose was being fitted. But, son, I believe I have the answer to a good number of America’s immediate problems. We need to reorder conscription like it was during my time(Viet Nam). Then, you’d get your chance to walk all that talk. Funny how somethings seem so unimportant, and unnecessary in times of stress-like your fear.


  11. John says:

    Matthew: I enjoyed your comments, so I thought I’d respond in kind.
    Guess I’ll just have to go back to being blasphemous…


  12. John says:

    John: Please look up the word “sarcastic” in the dictionary. I think you are the only person on the page who thinks I was “admonishing” you.


  13. John says:

    Matthew has been admonishing me over my attempts at logic, which he claims border on blasphemy.
    As I result, I have decided to disabuse myself of the notion that foreigners are sentient beings, capable of rational thought, and able to respond to their own economic self-interest. Any discussion of foreign policy and security is best left to the experts, whose elite education entitles them to conclude that our enemies are nothing but religion-crazed terrorists. Ordinary people need not know of Iran’s strategic significance or the fact that it has the world’s second largest natural gas reserves, third largest oil reserves, and straddles a logical corridor for piping Caspian oil and gas to the Indian Ocean, where it can be shipped east or west. Nor do they need to know that Iran probably does want nuclear power to free up oil and gas for export, just like India wants nuclear power to avoid having to import fossil fuels.
    On the other hand, America’s foreign policy is motivated solely by the highest ideals of freedom, democracy, and human rights and has nothing to do with anything as nasty as oil and gas. If this were not so, the newspapers would report it.
    Now I get it: we must destroy the Persian Gulf in order to save it. I eagerly await Bush’s memoir, “Honey, I Shrunk the Oil Reserves.” And to Dr. Cheney’s “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Nuke’m.”


  14. alec says:

    “Evidently we are gonna have to go into Iran…and get our asses whipped like the Israelis have before we sober up…….”
    WTF, carroll!!!! you really ought to quit making such inlammatory and STUPID comments!


  15. Carroll says:

    Oh man, the neo’s are really getting desperate now….MSNBC is saying Iran plans to attack the US and Israel on August 22th for “religious reasons”..gawd! I would be laughing my ass off if not for vast sheep herd that will fall for this…
    Evidently we are gonna have to go into Iran…and get our asses whipped like the Israelis have before we sober up…….


  16. km4 says:

    “The growing public awareness ( of Republican spinmeisters ) provides Democrats the opportunity to reshape our party to help America meet the challenges ahead. For Republicans, it signals the end of using patriotism to cover up for persistent failures to deal effectively with pressing national security issues”.
    – Wes Clark


  17. Carroll says:

    From Laura’s site..
    “JTA: Israeli Channel 10 report: Iranian Revolutionary Guards members killed in southern Lebanon. Propaganda? It’s hard to know. More from Reuters, also sourced to Channel 10 citing “diplomatic sources”.
    Huummmmm…is that like the terrier passport that was found, in tact, in the street from the plane that crashed into the WTC?
    From Tucker Carlson on MSNBC..
    “Shouldn’t we just target Muslims for security at airports instead of everyone?”
    Yep, Tucker is working for Daniel Pipes, round up all the Muslims and put them in camps.
    Also from Tucker on MSNBC….
    “I “heard” a “Iran” guy was one of the terrorist arrested in this airline plot”.
    Also from MSNBC….
    “A rise in Bush’s popularity due to foiled terrier plot”.
    Booga,booga,booga, the Ministry of Propaganda marches on toward Iran.


  18. alec says:

    “Islamo-facists are trying to use any means to kill us because they hate the freedom we all love.” -Bush 8/10/06
    Does this lying asshole REALLY think we are so ignorant we are going to keep buying this kind of horseshit?”
    POA, are you really so ignorant that you don’t believe the islamists hate our freedom?
    this ain’t about george bush, the iraq war, or the state of israel. this is about islamic religious fundamentalists with a desire to see sha’ria spread throughout the world.


  19. Not a Liberal, if that's what you're thinking says:

    apparently so, POA.


  20. Pissed Off American says:

    “Islamo-facists are trying to use any means to kill us because they hate the freedom we all love.” -Bush 8/10/06
    Does this lying asshole REALLY think we are so ignorant we are going to keep buying this kind of horseshit?


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