Query on White House Correspondents Association Dinner


martha and colin at whca.jpgI am about to fly off to Germany and had to miss the celebrity-edged White House Correspondents Association dinner last night because of commitments out of town — but sounded like a lot of fun.
Obama’s comments about his relationship with Hillary and the “shoot friends and interrogate people” Dick Cheney would have been worth donning a tux in DC’s humid heat.
But I have a serious query — and I really don’t know the answer.
I was just told that many major news conglomerates “pay” many of the celebrities to attend the dinner and sit at their tables.
This is news to me. I thought most were there because they had an inner policy wonk driving them to the big night gala with DC’s top press corps and President Obama.
But are they paid? Is this really the case? I want to know.
It makes the practice of news organizations scrambling after high-ranking Obama officials to sit with allegedly high-paid move stars something that the nanny-gate censors should be looking at.
Regarding the adjoining pic, I know Colin Powell isn’t paid to attend the WHCA dinner — but not so sure about Martha.
Some of these folks are really paid? This is pretty gross if true.
— Steve Clemons


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