Putting Hurt on the Corn?


This post is just a fun one — nothing serious. I am over in Japan right now, up at a really, really early hour from jet lag and had a humorous exchange I want to share.
A Time Magazine friend of mine suggested we meet up for drinks and catch up. Just fyi, he wrote this great piece on a barbecue he went to at Mark Foley’s. . .
My colleague at the New America Foundation Sameer Lalwani tried to line up dates and times for drinks — but he called it “putting hurt on the corn”.
I really thought in this era of Foleyisms that he had just sent a prominent Time journalist an inappropriate and potentially pornographic message.
But I was wrong it seems, my friend Barry Lynn — author of End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation and this interesting piece, “Breaking the Chain: The Anti-Trust Case Against Wal-Mart” in Harpers seems to be good with re-crafting words and launching them to start new catch phrases.
Here is how Sameer defines Barry Lynn’s “Putting Hurt on the Corn”:

It’s a barry lynn phrase —
“putting hurt” — to deal with soundly and effectively
“On” — a preposition, difficult to define
“The corn” — going out on a limb here but a — dare I say — southern expression for grain alcohol, perhaps distilled by rubes on their local premises

I’m beginning to understand a bit of how cockney developed now.
More later from Tokyo.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Putting Hurt on the Corn?

  1. Carroll says:

    Well, the “corn part is new to me… but down here the phrase “put a hurting on”..someone or other, means they are about to get a serious whacking, verbal and/or otherwise.


  2. Anwar al-Nasrallah says:

    Fun with Washington phrases…how about ‘showing Balls Bolton the door!’ How about ‘high crimes, misdemeanors, and fun with treason…Bush ‘n’ Cheney version!’ How about ‘nothing says torture like a cannibal Secretary of State!’ How about ‘they’re just Palestinians, let ’em all die and diplomacy is a thing of the past…Condoleeza Rice version!’ How about ‘nuclear holocaust for fun and profit…Richard Perle version!’ How about ‘wouldn’t American foreign policy work better with a modicum of sanity?’


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