Egg on Face: Obama – Kaine (See Update)


A regular TWN reader, POA, just shared this gem of an egg-on-face moment at the Los Angeles Times.
The LA Times apparently was not reading The Washington Note. Too bad for them.
— Steve Clemons
Update: OK…this is my egg on face moment. The LA Times did this cool line up of articles with all of the possible Obama running mates getting a positive nod. Thanks readers for sending this to me. SCC


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  1. Kathleen says:

    This is an X rated joke so cover your eyes if you’re too modest, but, speaking as a woman, not any particular candidate’s supporter, it reminds me of the Dem party today….it was the 3 a.m. thing…. that knocked out my lights.
    A woman was in a coma. She had been in it for months. Nurses were in
    her room giving her a bed bath. One of them was washing her private area
    and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor whenever she
    touched her there. They tried it again and sure enough, there was
    definite movement.
    They went to her husband and explained what happened, telling him,
    ‘As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little ‘0ral sex’ will do the trick &
    bring her out of the coma.’ The husband was skeptical, but they assured
    him that they would close the curtains for privacy.
    The husband finally agreed and went into his wife’s room. After a
    few minutes the woman’s monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate. The
    nurses run back into the room. ‘What happened!?’ they cried.
    The husband said, ‘I’m not sure; maybe she choked.’
    In the end, if I do have to hold my nose and do the Pavalvian thing, this is still America and I can kvetch all the way to the polls, if I want to.


  2. Kathleen says:

    P.S. Spunk…every Hillary supporter I know is a loyal Dem and will support the ticket…and sent me Biden info….I still want a president who can take out the garbage and impeachment, for me to support the ticket…the Rule of Law still means something to me.
    Joe Biden is uniquely suited to serve as Barack Obama’s Vice President
    Joe Biden is a rare mix. A leader who has worked for decades in Washington, but has never lived there. An expert on foreign policy, whose heart and values are firmly rooted in the middle class; one who has stared down dictators, and spoken for America’s cops and firefighters. He is uniquely suited to serve as Barack Obama’s partner in the urgent mission to bring about the change America needs put our country back on track.
    Barack Obama values Senator Biden’s track record of bringing people together to get things done.
    Joe Biden has brought change to Washington but Washington hasn’t changed him – he has never allowed the cynicism that permeates Washington to limit his drive and energy to fight.
    Joe Biden knows how to bridge the partisan divide and has a track record of bringing people together to tackle tough issues.
    No question, Joe Biden is a straight talker; he calls it like he sees it.
    Barack Obama shares Senator Biden’s middle class roots and values his leadership on issues important to working families.
    Joe Biden is an Irish Catholic from working class Scranton, Pennsylvania where his father was a car salesman.
    Biden overcame adversity at a young age – the tragic death of his wife and daughter – from which he gained the resilience that to this day, helps him fight the tough fights.
    Biden is a family man – since his first day in the Senate, he has taken the train home to Wilmington every night to be close to his family.
    Biden is a father and grandfather; one of his sons volunteered to serve his country and will be deployed to Iraq in October.
    Biden has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the American Dream because he knows what it’s like to be the underdog.
    Leading conservative commentator David Brooks wrote of Biden, “[He] was raised with a fierce working-class pride. No one is better than anyone else….Even today, after serving for decades in the world’s most pompous workplace, Senator Biden retains an ostentatiously unpretentious manner.”
    Biden was one of the first to introduce legislation to address global warming and he co-sponsored the most aggressive piece of legislation in the U.S. Senate.
    Biden has been instrumental in crafting and passing every major piece of crime legislation over the past two decades. His Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 put more than 100,000 cops on America’s streets and has been credited for bringing down crime rates to the lowest in a generation.
    Biden led the fight to keep the extremist judge Robert Bork from reaching the Supreme Court, whose confirmation could have threatened Roe v. Wade. He opposed the nomination of Chief Justice Roberts and joined the filibuster against Justice Alito.
    Biden wrote and passed the ground-breaking Violence Against Women Act, the strongest legislation to date that criminalizes violence against women and holds batterers accountable. He fought for passage of the Family and Medical Leave Act, cracked down on deadbeat dads, and has been a consistent supporter of equal pay.
    Biden is a champion on the issue of making college more affordable by using the tax code to reduce costs.
    Barack Obama respects Senator Biden’s deep understanding of the dangerous world in which we live.
    Along with Barack Obama, Joe Biden has been a vocal critic of George Bush’s mishandling of the war in Iraq.
    Biden is an expert on foreign policy – he has served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for three decades and is often described as the most knowledgeable foreign policy voice in the U.S. Senate.
    Biden’s international stature will help Barack Obama’s plans to restore the United States’ standing and reputation in the world.
    Biden has been to Iraq eight times, the Middle East every year since 2002 and to Afghanistan twice – he led the first Senate delegation to go there after the fall of the Taliban.
    Biden’s foreign policy expertise, grasp of the issues and common-sense approach will help our country deal with the 21st century threats and serious challenges we are facing in the world today.
    As the Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne said, “Few Democrats know more about foreign policy, and few would so relish the fight against McCain on international affairs. Few are better placed to argue that withdrawal from Iraq will strengthen rather than weaken the United States.”
    The Boston Globe said of Senator Biden, “As a man who knows many of the world’s leaders and has a formidable grasp of geopolitical complexities, Biden has the expertise to help the Democrats propound – and defend – a very different foreign policy.”
    Biden’s leadership was widely hailed for helping bring stability and peace to the Balkans. In 1999 he authored a Senate-passed resolution endorsing air war in Kosovo, he has been a leader on stemming the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction from the former USSR.
    Biden was the first member of Congress to go on a fact-finding mission to the Republic of Georgia, at the invitation of Georgia’s President Saakashvili, after the Russian invasion of its small democratic neighbor.
    President Pervez Musharraf and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto each placed telephone calls from Pakistan to Biden at a moment of crisis before either talked to President George W. Bush.
    judyc…I’m very well aware that we can’t have everything we want, thank you very much…I guess wanting some rule of law is immature….


  3. Spunkmeyer says:

    POA, I don’t live under any illusions that things will really change
    dramatically under the next administration regardless of who wins
    in November. But, I do think that an Obama win does lessen the
    chances of the rest of the world adopting the Euro as their
    principal currency in the near future. Those who know me best
    know I foresee the next few years as nothing more than damage
    control, not a new Age of Aquarius.


  4. judyc says:

    We can’t all have exactly what we want. After 8 disastrous years with Bush/Cheney I’ll do everything I can to see that McCain, who has been supportive of Bush in almost every way, does not get into the White House.
    We don’t even know that Hillary wanted to be Obama’s VP. Why invent some scenario where Obama/Biden are untouchable because you perceive a slight… which may not, in reality, exist?
    You deserve to be a little cocky when you allow us to benefit from your good inside sources.


  5. Steve Clemons says:

    lol — no worries POA. I enjoyed the piece, and the possibility of a mistake…then enjoyed the rest of them as well..


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Spunkmeyer. Just because someone isn’t hoodwinked by this shameless drama, doesn’t mean they support McCain. Behind the curtains, a vote for one might as well be a vote for the other. Biden’s ascendency only underscores that fact. If you think this team of posturing politicos portends “change”, I feel for ya, because you’re in for a huge dissappointment. This ain’t Batman and Robin. And if there were any White Knights riding to our rescue, they would have mounted up about seven years ago.


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Sorry Steve. I didn’t mean to sign on carrying egg crates this morning. WhatReallyHappened ran the LA Times piece, with no explanation.
    (However, it did have a picture of the “Dewey beats Truman” headline, that I failed to notice.)
    Honestly, in my mind, the piece conjured up images of Lois Lane’s editor, screaming at his eager journalists…
    “Ok, people, lets get on it, we have a deadline to meet, so lets get tomorrow’s news written! Kent, make sure you finish that “The Martians Have Landed” piece. OK p[eoplke, get busy!”


  8. Kathleen says:

    Spunk…I’m not a PUMA person…I wasn’t even a Hillary for Pres, person… I wanted Russ Feingold, then Dennis Kucinich…when those options evaporated and Democraps refused to hold impeachment hearings, I began to support Nader…the moment impeachment hearings commence, I’ll reconsider…
    I could have voted for the first black and the first woman shattering the glass ceiling together, but voting for the good old boys’ club again when they don’t have the good sense to be gracious and prefer to “rub it in” is not my cup of tea….that was overkilll… ..
    Hillary’s strong suit has always been her graciousness… while it was okay for Teddy to pout for years about losing his mutiny against Jimmy Carter, she will be required to be a good loser even having her nose rubbed in it. the way I see it since 3 a.m. is that the good old boys club has their token black…. it’s only the country club ceiling that got shattered…
    Some people want a president with whom they can drink a beer…well I want a president who can take out the garbage…Nader for impeachment.


  9. CanuckStuckinMuck says:

    You had it nailed, Steve. Good call. And no one’s happier than me
    that Biden is the choice. I’ve admired him for yarons.


  10. Spunkmeyer says:

    Kathleen, having read Clinton’s reaction the the announcement, it
    seems she doesn’t take it as personal as you do.
    Blanket statement to all PUMA-pushers: if you’re not planning to
    vote for Obama, you deserve to live with a McCain Administration,
    and all of its consequences.


  11. skylights says:

    They posted an article for every discussed Obama VP pick, check it out:


  12. Kathleen says:

    Sending the text message out at 3 a.m. to someone other than Hillary was too cocky… by half…and unecesarilly cruel…the first thing I did was unsubscribe to BO’s little list…let’s just say they’re’ll be egg on lot’s of faces… rotten eggs……


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