Nominees for U.S. Ambassador


Efforts are underway to resolve “officially” whether John Bolton met with the Valerie Plame grand jury or its investigators. If he did before submitting his declaration statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his recess appointment will not occur. If he simply failed to amend his declaration but did meet with the Committee, there is still a chance he could squeak by during recess.
However, I just ran across this interesting site that allows the public to suggest to members of Congress whom they would prefer to represent them at the United Nations.
In the past, this blog has nominated a series of credible Republicans for consideration, including Paula Dobriansky, Richard Haass, Amo Houghton, Representative Heather Wilson, Rita Hauser, Robert Kimmitt (who has now been appointed to serve as Deputy Treasury Secretary), Carla Hills, and others. I’d even add Newt Gingrich today — whom I increasingly think is edging out Paula Dobriansky as the likely nominee if Bolton’s nomination finally dies.
Choose your own.
More later on the issue of whether Bolton met the grand jury — and under what terms.
— Steve Clemons