John Bolton and the Valerie Plame Grand Jury: MSNBC STANDS FIRM ON STORY


MSNBC reports to TWN that its source on Bolton being interviewed by the Valerie Plame Wilson grand jury “is unimpeachable.”
MSNBC is standing “firmly” by its story — and is shirking off the fact that other networks and major news organizations have been unable to confirm what MSNBC feels is a solid fact.
CNN has not yet responded to TWN on the White House source who allegedly stated that the Bolton report “was erroneous.”
There are now rumblings, given what has been reported in the media, that various Senators may request the State Department to clarify whether or not Mr. Bolton met with the grand jury and/or its investigators. If he did so, they may ask when this took place.
This disclosure is a requirement of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which while Bolton’s nomination has passed through the Committee without support, is still tasked with maintaing “the record” on John Bolton so as to inform the whole Senate.
More later.
— Steve Clemons