Powerpoint on Strengths, Weakness of Obama/Gates Defense Plan


fedyszyn.jpgI just received a powerpoint from a Naval War College instructor that I think captures rather well one informed person’s perceptions of the Obama administration’s course on defense allocations.
It was prepared by Professor Tom Fedyszyn.
This briefing, in my view, stoically outlines some dimensions of the administration’s evolving new grand strategy, constraints on attention and resources, the shifting quality and composition of threats facing the US, and the potential real security costs of this transition. The briefing materials reflect the exclusive views of Professor Fedyszyn and not the Naval War College or any part of the U.S. government.
The powerpoint is here and hope you find it useful.
My thanks to Professor Fedyszyn for producing a clear-headed narrative and giving me permission to share this material with the public.
I think it’s a useful document no matter what the particular political or policy tilt may be of the reader.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Powerpoint on Strengths, Weakness of Obama/Gates Defense Plan

  1. CarterAugusta says:

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  2. Don Bacon says:

    Threats facing the US? I’d love to know what they are, as I don’t know of any military threats facing the US.
    What I do know is that the US is spending hundreds of billions on planes, ships and guns which have no earthly purpose except illegally to invade and occupy other countries.


  3. Fidelity says:

    I’m very concerned about scraping the F-22 for UAVs. I hope Gates has read P.W. Singer’s book.


  4. Steve Clemons says:

    Thanks Dan — I will try to find other materials from differing perspectives. I think that Tom Fedyszyn is critical of Obama’s defense plans, but what I like about his presentation is that his treatment is not one that undercuts the rationale or objective change that Obama may be trying to achieve. Someone from a different point of view who has been an advocate of significant weapons systems cuts is my colleague Bill Hartung at the New America Foundation. Bill has been testifying in Congress on this subject and his articles and testimony should be available searching under his name at the New America Foundation website.
    All the best — steve


  5. Dan Kervick says:

    This looks very interesting Steve. Any links to similar work from other defense academics or professionals, with similar or differing views, would be much appreciated.


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