Mr. Bolton. . .Step Down Now


The Toledo Blade editors suggested that Bolton step down on his own this morning:

Since Mr. Bush would clearly be reluctant to withdraw the nomination, thus acknowledging his own lapse of judgment in choosing an unsuitable candidate for this critical post, it is instead now up to John Bolton himself to withdraw from the field, putting an end to the snarl in the Senate and permitting the President to offer a more appropriate candidate.
This should occur now, rather than letting the Senate come back to find this mess still on its doorstep.

Mr. Bolton, why do you want this job?
Your statement during your hearings was unconvincing, and both sides of the debate — those who want to obliterate the United Nations or at least have it expelled from America on one hand and those who think that a reformed international institution is in America’s interests on the other — believe that the John Bolton who appears here on this video is the REAL John Bolton.
There are other jobs in the administration for you, but not this one. Do the right thing.
— Steve Clemons