Move America Forward’s Tally Supporting Bolton 216 (99%) to 2 (1%)


I just joined Move America Forward‘s website. One has to register to be able to vote on the organization’s online poll regarding Bolton’s nomination as Ambassador to the U.N.
The question posed is:

Do you support President Bush’s choice of John Bolton to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations?

When I saw this yesterday, I noted that only one person had voted against Bolton — and 216 in favor. Sounds like the old Soviet Union to me. . .so, I joined up on the web, under my own name. And I voted against Bolton bring the online count to 2 nays.
Hurrah for democracy!
On its Frequently Asked Questions page, Move America Forward offers:

Why do I need to register with this website to vote in MAF polls?
Unfortunately there are people out there who feel threatened by Move America Forward’s grassroots activism and our efforts to bring a message to America. Many of those people would be willing to vote repeatedly in our polls in an effort to damage our ability to determine what issues are most important to Move America Forward members.
Therefore we have implemented a polling system that reflects a “one member, one vote” strategy. All members are allowed to vote, but they must be logged in to the website to vote, and they may only vote once on any individual poll.
We understand that there are people out there who may be upset that we do not want them to vote more than once in our polls, but in America the goal is to make everyone’s vote count.

Well, there are plenty of online polls that do not permit repeat voting, but I’ll take Move America Forward at their word that they just want every vote to count. I made my vote count today — on their poll — against Bolton.
Will you?
— Steve Clemons