Check Out Surge in <em>Move America Forward</em> Numbers


I am sitting here trying to get a few friends to oppose Bolton on the Move America Forward website — and have posted my objectives on a couple of websites.
Well, the other side is on to us. I see their numbers literally surging after not moving for more than two days. There were just 216 votes to 1 yesterday and all day today — until I made it 2 against.
Now, someone is driving their numbers up very fast. They are going up a few votes every minute — so a campaign has either just begun to block us — or Move America Forward’s webmaster is ticking the numbers up artificially.
Their side has gone from 216 votes to 254 votes in ten minutes.
They can’t stand opposition. And as we know, they can’t stand the United Nations. That’s why they want John Bolton.
— Steve Clemons