Miers Mania: Frustrated Fundamentalist Conservatives Read Below for Comfort


There is an odd connection between Harriet Miers and John Bolton.
The President stuck with Bolton despite mountains of testimony and evidence that compellingly demonstrated that John Bolton’s collective dossier was something that most Americans could not be inspired by or of which they could be proud. Bolton, however, was a devoted Bush-loyalist — and Bush would not buckle in his support of Bolton, even when the Senate failed to give him a stamp of approval and legitimacy.
I have been told by people both inside and outside (but close to) the White House that the President’s team hated being put in a position that they had to proceed with a recess appointment. I’ve been told that they will have long memories about this — and that once the President decides to give his support to someone, he and his closest advisors do everything possible not to take “no” for an answer.
It will be interesting to see if Bush’s trademark tenacious, bull-headed loyalty will stand as strong against the fundamentalist conservatives in his own party who are convulsing over the Miers nomination to the Supreme Court.
Just read this line from David Frum today:

I’m signing off here for the next 24 hours, in which I’ll be contemplating my own sins rather than those of the Bush administration. . .One thing I’ll be praying for: wisdom to understand better the events of the past 24 hours.
I’ll confess that I have been more shaken by the Miers nomination than by almost anything President Bush has done since the night of September 11 itself. I foresaw its coming, and yet I never quite believed in the end that the president would go through with it. Yet here it is – and we must all decide what we are to do: passively accept it? actively justify it? or something else?

Bush’s fan club is seriously booing him.
Well….Harriet Miers, on paper, has a pretty decent record of non-judicial accomplishments and seems to be pretty ideologically reasonable, other than turning a blind eye to President Bush’s transgressions.
But for those on the fundamentalist right who need to be calmed down a bit, a friend found this link (scroll down to the bottom) to the “Creation Evidence Museum” as an “unendorsed” but “fun” link on associated links of the Valley View Christian Church, Harriet Miers’ place of worship in Dallas.
I bet she never saw the link — but those on the right who need to really “stretch” to find something to support in her past and profile may be comforted by this.
— Steve Clemons
Ed. Note: Thanks to JP for the fun links.