Media Alert: Montel Williams Show on Afghanistan


Montel Williams Air America.jpgToday at 10:50 am, I will be chatting with Montel Williams on Air America Radio about Afghanistan and the McChrystal Report.
One of the things I may remind Montel of is that during the Republican National Convention when he was off sitting with luminaries like Norman Ornstein, Ron Brownstein, Howard Fineman, and E.J. Dionne, he walked up to me and said “the only man I am jealous of in this room is you.”
Huffington Post‘s Sam Stein did the same to me — though Sam looked far more dangerous when he harrassed me.
And that was because I was sitting next to the fascinating, politically active actress and singer Rosario Dawson — who is pals with Bloomberg’s Tim Burger.
All that aside, I hope to talk through McChrystal’s “Surge Envy” on Afghanistan — and why the track the Obama team is taking is deeply flawed and needs a change of course.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Media Alert: Montel Williams Show on Afghanistan

  1. JohnH says:

    William Pfaff has a good piece on Afghanistan, citing some of the usual suspects from the foreign policy mob, who say “there is no alternative to victory.” They also said that all bets were off if there were a fraudulent election, which had already become obvious as they spoke. The conclusion seems to be that the US is losing the battle and its only major Afghan ally is an illegitimate, corrupt government. How about them apples?
    So now the foreign policy mob really has its teat in the ringer. Let’s hope the ringer squeezes really hard and makes them squeal really loud. They need to be held accountable. They have had their way far too long, pursuing unspoken ambitions for questionable motives.
    It’s time for a major purge of the foreign policy community and the rise of a new breed willing to openly define America’s national interests and to recognize the interests of other nations as legitimate. An honest reckoning of America’s “vital strategic interests” would lead to the unavoidable conclusion that all this military adventurism is folly. It would lead to a major cut in “defense” funding, freeing up money for health care and other programs, and help restore America’s standing in the world.


  2. Steve Clemons says:

    sorry to those folks who tuned in to Montel’s great show specifically for this. We had some miscommunication on my land line phone number and we weren’t able to make this connection work today.
    We agreed that we’d try and redo this on another day.
    Steve Clemons


  3. Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi says:

    In my view, what Mr zinni has said or expressed his approach regarding US ongoing war in Afghanistan is not a new thing, the hard-power doctrine-(which yet seems to be the ideal thinking core of some policy strategists)-still dominates in the hardliners’ policy theme,but Mrs Clinton’s positive drive and initiative on the foreign policy side undoubtedly seems to have been a good policy departure that the US administration needs in real terms.


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