Media Alert: Turkeys, Afghanistan and Copenhagen


turkey twn.jpgJust a friendly head’s up that at 1:06 pm sharp, I’ll be chatting with the erudite Jerome McDonnell on Chicago Public Radio’s “Worldview.” Along with Brian Lehrer, Warren Olney, Diane Rehm, and a few others, Jerome is one of the best ideas wrestlers in serious radio journalism. The topic will be Afghanistan.
Then on CNN sometime during the day, I will be chatting about President Obama’s Afghanistan course — and perhaps something about his announcement that he will be going to the Copenhagen Climate Summit (and may even mention that he just saved “Courage” the White House turkey — though Obama failed to say whether “Carolina”, the alternate, gets carved tomorrow and Bo gets a drumstick).
And at 4:10 pm EST (not sure what time that is in Australia), I’ll be chatting with radio personality Mark Parton about the big climate change politics unfolding in Australia and how President Obama’s announcement about Copenhagen may change the gameboard.
— Steve Clemons


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