Japan: The View from My Window


japan miyako hotel view steve clemons.jpg
In Tokyo for a couple of days, and this was a pretty nice way to get acclimated when I arrived. Beautiful gardens here outside my window.
North Korea’s leaders need to spend some time in gardens like these — and cool out a bit. Seems to me that North Korea’s attack, despite the violence uptick, is a typical call for attention and an extortionist demand for more resources.
Information has reached me that some USAF personnel have been put on 24 hour deployment alert with regard to North Korea. I don’t know how regular or irregular that is — but know that despite a lot of tension in the country since 9/11, my sources have not been put on such alert before. The USAF has denied that it has changed its alert status in comments to other journalist friends of mine — but the actual personnel beg to differ.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


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