Happy New Year!


oakley annie & buddy in the snow 2010.jpg
Happy New Year to all from Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner, Buddy & Annie!
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Ian Kaplan says:

    Wonderful pictures, Steve. Thanks. I always love seeing pictures of your Dog kids.
    I cannot imagine why others saw the need to post no dog comments here. Perhaps they just have so very much to say that they have to post off topic material.


  2. annie, oakley and buddy says:

    great pic dad! Except next time, do you think you could dress us in something other than those rejects from the Fantastic Four movie costume department? Kisses and wiggles anyway!!!!


  3. Don Bacon says:

    Happy New Year all, and we finally get a puppy photo. It comes as no surprise that a Machiavelli-ite would be enamored of European gundogs, does it.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Egads, what a way to start the New Year.
    Just went down to the local little market to fill a propane cannister. While standing outside shooting the breeze with the attendant as he filled the cannister, a pick-up pulled in with a magnetic sign on its door. “Paul’s firewood sales”.
    As I heat exclusively with wood, I of course inquired as to what kinds of woods “Paul” had for sale, and what he charged a cord.
    Oak. $280.00 per cord.
    Well, we exchanged small talk, and somehow Paul managed to sneak in that he “listens to talk radio throughout the day, and that things are far worse than the liberal media is telling us”. He further declared that his daily mentors, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, have correctly identified Obama as a probable Muslim, and a definite socialist.
    At this point I felt moved to ask this squat little red-neck woodcutter what, exactly, a “socialist” is. He was silent for a few seconds, before rendering his response…
    “Well, do you think you might want a cord of wood?”, he asked.
    “No, really,” I responded, “I really do want to know what a socialist is.”
    “Its twenty dollars more if I have to stack the wood”, he informed me.
    God help us.


  5. Pahlavan says:

    Happy new year to you and all the worthy contribtors to your blog. All the best for 2011.


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Of course our American problem is not just our Congress. The Israel lobby-picked and packed Executive Branch is not much more supportive of American values and international norms. To the shame of the US State Department, its spokesman, Robert Wood sullied and humiliated America when the hapless fellow refused to answer even a simple media question whether the United States considered pasta i.e. macaroni, spaghetti, fettuccini noodles items denied to Palestinians under Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza–a “dual-use item.” The American people are better than this and must demand better from our officials.
    Currently, there is only a faint hint that Members of Congress, many of whom rely on Israeli lobby or arms industry political action committee money to keep their seats and sinecures, have the gumption to advocate a U.S. policy, consistent with American notions of substantial justice or which upholds Palestinian rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    End Excerpt….
    Ya gotta love this State Department, doncha? To refuse to answer the question is an ADMISSION that we support, subsidize, and condone what is being done to the Palestinian people, even KNOWING that it is WRONG.
    This will be a pivotal year for the Palestinians. This will be the year that they lose all hope for a nation of their own.
    The only question is, what will Israel do with them now that the decision has been made, in Washington, and in Israel, to render them permanently stateless?
    I suspect further incineration is not outside the realm of possibility. After all, Washington, and Israel, has become quite inurred to the smell of burning flesh. It seems to be an odor that permeates the air wherever we dawdle, diddle, and tamper. Congress wears it proudly as perfume, and it is the essence detected whenever a United States Representative opens his wallet. Its our National Scent, and the whole world can smell it.


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Happy New Year to you too, Steve.
    Looking forward to your essay on the Obama Administration’s “failures vs. achievements” in regards to foreign policy.
    How’s it coming? Are you working on it, or are you going to wait until Obama and our State Department actually accomplishes something positive???
    (I mean for us, not Israel. Or is emboldening and empowering the radical RW Israelis on your list of “achievements”?)
    As European governments and others recognize that some kind of government of national unity between Fatah and the more moderate elements of Hamas is necessary for the peace process to move forward, Pelosi and her colleagues are attempting to sabotage such efforts. This year’s appropriations bill prohibits any supporOutgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other hawkish Democratic leaders have left their mark on the Middle East during their four years of leadership in Congress, namely support for militarism and repression, and punishment for moderation.
    By contrast, there are no such provisions restricting the billions of dollars of aid to the coalition government in Israel, which includes far-right parties that have likewise refused to recognize Palestine, renounce violence, support the disarming of allied settler militias or accept prior agreements, including the Roadmap. Indeed, the Roadmap explicitly calls for a freeze on all additional Israeli settlement construction, which the Israeli government has explicitly rejected. According to Pelosi and the Democratic leadership, however, only the Palestinian side has to abide by prior agreements as a condition for US support.
    In short, to Pelosi and other Democratic Congressional leaders, Palestinians simply do not have equal rights to Israelis in terms of statehood, security or international obligations. The Democrats are willing to sabotage any Palestinian government that dares include – even as a minority in a broad coalition – any hard-line, anti-Israeli party, yet they have no problems whatsoever in pouring billions of taxpayer dollars into supporting an Israeli government dominated by hard-line, anti-Palestinian parties.
    There’s a word for such double standards: racism.
    Though the United States remains the world’s number one military, economic, and diplomatic supporter of repressive Middle Eastern governments – including absolute monarchies, military juntas, and occupation armies – the appropriations bill includes language insisting that the “governing entity” of Palestine “should enact a constitution assuring the rule of law, an independent judiciary, and respect for human rights for its citizens, and should enact other laws and regulations assuring transparent and accountable governance.” No such language in the Democrats’ appropriations bill exists in regard to any other nation.
    There are also provisions blocking US support for a Palestinian state unless it meets a long list of criteria regarding perceived Israeli security needs. Again, no such conditions in the appropriations bill attach for any other nation.
    One target of Pelosi and other Democratic leaders is the Palestinians’ desire to regain the Arab-populated sections of East Jerusalem, which have been under Israeli military occupation since Israel seized the city from Arab control in 1967. In addition to its religious significance for both Palestinian Christians and Palestinian Muslims, Jerusalem has long been the most important cultural, commercial, political and educational center for Palestinians and has the largest Palestinian population of any city in the world. Given the city’s significance to both populations, any sustainable peace agreement would need to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city for both Israel and Palestine.
    In an apparent effort to delegitimize any Palestinian claims to their occupied capital, however, Pelosi’s bill prohibits any “meetings between officers and employees of the United States and officials of the Palestinian Authority, or any successor Palestinian governing entity” in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem “for the purpose of conducting official United States Government business with such authority.” Even if the Israelis do agree to end their occupation of Arab East Jerusalem, Pelosi and the Democrats have inserted language that no funds could be used to create any new US government offices in Jerusalem that would interact with the Palestinian Authority or any successor Palestinian government entity.
    Under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland), and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman (D-California), the Democrats have used their four years as the majority party to strengthen Israel’s right-wing governments, their occupation policies and their ability to colonize Palestinian land and attack civilian populations, while weakening the moderate leadership of the PA.
    So, Steve, what “achievements”, above, have made your list?
    And will you include the increasing hardships the Iranian people are experiencing in your list of “achievements”, or do we need wait until children start dying, en masse, like they did in Iraq as a direct result of our sanctions?
    The window has slammed shut. With this whore, this Israeli representative and agent, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, becoming head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the full ramifications of Obama’s shameful cowardice and kowtowing,(and Clinton’s duplicity and back room whoring), will now become apparent.
    Achievements??? How does completely destroying any chance for a two state solution rate on your list of “achievements”? And will you mention Hillary Clinton’s part in it, or are we still ignoring her role?


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