The View on Your Road: The Panamint Range


Rainbow Canyon Panamint Range Kori Schake.jpg
(photo credit: Kori Schake; click image for larger version)
My friend Kori Schake sent in this beautiful pic of Rainbow Canyon in the Panamint Range.
Tomorrow everything heats up again on TWN — Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Iran, Cuba, America’s jobs and infrastructure deficits, and more.
More then.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “The View on Your Road: The Panamint Range

  1. Don Bacon says:

    That’s a beautiful canyon, and (sorry Kori) it’s even better driving near it. The colors! It’s beautiful and desolate country.
    We camped with a group in the Panamints recently near a ghost town. The walls of the old gold-rush saloon are still partially standing, and Charles Manson lived in this area. We met one old-timer out there who had met him.
    The winds can be fierce — somebody clocked it at 70 one of our camping nights, tents were blown down and we broke a tent pole.
    Next, after hiking and exploring some other ghost towns, we drove ‘way up into the western reaches of Death Valley Park to Saline Hot Springs, a marvelous oasis in the desert with palm trees, grass, several hot springs, a caretaker and a lot of cool people soaking in our birthday suits.
    My Toyota Tacoma 4X, some vittles, interesting people, a box of wine, a tent and my sweetie — life is good. Thanks Kori for jogging the memories.


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