Washington Blade Profile: America’s Gay Machiavelli?


Brian Till is author of the forthcoming Conversations with Power: What Great Presidents and Prime Ministers Can Teach Us about Leadership — and when he read my answer to a question in a profile of yours truly in The Washington Blade, he said that he “choked on his Coke.” Laughing, of course, with the fizzy brown stuff spraying all over my desk where he was seated.
I had some fun in answering 20 questions posed by the Blade‘s Joey DiGuglielmo and enjoyed doing a pic shoot with Blade photographer Michael Key who I met right after the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal signing ceremony, which he also shot.
The line Brian Till choked over? Well, won’t surprise most of you:

DiGuglielmo: If your life were a book, what would the title be?
Clemons: “America’s Gay Machiavelli”

All the best for a great new year — and hope you enjoy the Q&A!
— Steve Clemons
(photo credit: Michael Key, Washington Blade)


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