Happy New Year


I’m taking the evening off to spend with some good friends in Philadelphia but wanted to underscore the point that this writer and The Washington Note are committed to trying to get this country’s policy course on a much better track in 2006 than during these last several years.
2005 was a fascinating and important one for me personally and for this blog — particularly after helping to keep John Bolton — and his supporters George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove — from having the legitimacy of a Senate confirmation in his role as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
Be sure to watch for the launch of Bolton Watch in the next couple of weeks.
There is much we need to do next year, and we’ll start tomorrow afternoon — but the rest of you have a fantastic evening and great new year.
I’m in Philadelphia at the home of a great and whacky friend who also writes a creative, personal blog.
She’s a dramaturg, and a nut, and a friend of mine (and also John Malkovich’s. . .for a kick, see this link).
Now, I need to get back to the party and to discussing what the Founding Fathers here in Philadelphia would thing about our current wannabe monarch.
Happy New Year, seriously.
— Steve Clemons