Geneva to DC: Feel Free to Vote for TWN Again


I am at the Geneva Airport preparing for a day of flying home to Washington. Excuse me if I accidentally tzpe a “z” where a “y” should be. . .as I just did.
Geneva was great. Free transportation on all public transport lines for visitors who come through the airport and all hotel guests. That is a kind of welcome mat that U.S. cities should consider.
I just learned that in the 2008 Weblog Awards, folks can vote every 24 hours. That is irritating on one level, as it creates even further exploitable distortions in how to win. But if folks are up to it, I want TWN to at least put in a good showing.
The link remains the same, and you can click here and vote for TWN as the best “very large blog” in the 2008 Weblog awards.
Many thanks in advance. I will be back on line soon on a post on the likelihood that Dennis Ross will be one of the significant envoys for Obama in the Middle East.
— Steve Clemons


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