Fiddling with the Optics: State Department Website Gets Makeover


state department website.jpg
New looks to government websites do not necessarily portend better foreign policy.
But that said, the State Department’s just revealed new website looks great. It looks more high energy and seems to telegraph “engagement.” I like it.
I’m not generally a sentimentalist about this kind of thing — but folks do know that I enjoy the allure of a good cocktail party and a sharp looking website so discount as you like. That said, this entire site seems more welcoming, less hawkish and severe, and more vibrant than the website it replaced.
I ran into someone very close to Obama recently and congratulated him/her on the post he/she had achieved and said that you’d have an avalanche of problems and crises on your desk everyday. This person responded, for now, all we can do is really fiddle with “the optics.”
At least, they are starting somewhere.
But to the designers of this new Department of State website, congratulations. Great job.
— Steve Clemons


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