Nixon, New Hampshire, and Garrett Graff’s “The First Campaign”


For presidential race junkies, I’ll be doing a couple of bits of media commentary tonight for different networks on the primary results in New Hampshire. But one of the best line-ups of commentators I’ve seen will be hosted by Brave New Films and “The Young Turks.” Here’s the roster they have:

7:10: Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films
7:40: Matthew Yglesias, The Atlantic
7:50: Robin Abcarian, L.A. Times
8:00: Billy Wimsatt, League of Young Voters
8:10: Rachel Sklar, The Huffington Post
8:20: Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake
8:30: Jim Dean, Democracy For America
8:40: Steve Clemons, The Washington Note
9:00: Lane Hudson, News for the Left
9:10: Isaiah Poole,
9:40: James Rucker, Color of Change
10:00: Liza Sabater, Culture Kitchen
10:10: Eric Boehlert, Media Matters

Awesome list — and just for those into details, I’ll be weighing in from the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown where I’ll be at the annual dinner of the Nixon Center honoring former Commerce Secretary and Blackstone Senior Chairman Peter G. Peterson.
I bet that will be a first for my friends at “The Young Turks.”
I’ll be there with Nixon Center President Dimitri Simes, National Interest editor Nicholas Gvosdev, Brent Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger, Flynt Leverett, Susan Eisenhower and others — many of who are dissident Republicans in this era.
froomkin steve clemons.JPG
And the shot above is just a nice picture snapped by Fishbowl’s Patrick Gavin of Washington Post “White House Watch” essayist extraordinaire Daniel Froomkin and myself at a pretty fab book party for Garrett Graff’s The First Campaign: Globalization, The Web, and the Race for the White House — hosted by the new diva of the DC social networking scene, Juleanna Glover.
Washington Social Diary has more.
More later — should be a spin-filled night.
Someone out there on the campaign trail ask Huckabee, McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Obama — which powers that this administration usurped are they willing to completely forfeit?
It would be good to hear something with some element of reality and consequence attached to it. What would he or she give up?

— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Nixon, New Hampshire, and Garrett Graff’s “The First Campaign”

  1. David N says:

    Actually, Steve, that is an excellent question, especially for the Democrats.
    We expect the Republicans to hold onto illegal powers. That’s what they are all about. Asking that question of Democrats may get to some of the thinking behind the abysmal record of the Congressional Dems this past year.
    Is the reason impeachment was “off the table,” that they are looking forward to using the Bush illegal powers themselves next year?
    Not to be too cynical about it . . .


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