Counting it Down with Keith Olbermann Tonight on Obama’s Nuclear Summitry


keith_olbermann_068.jpgTonight just after Keith Olbermann opens his show, MSNBC’s Countdown, at about 8:05 pm, I will be chatting with him about President Barack Obama’s nuclear summitry.
I’m in the “impressed” column with what Obama and his team have been lining up. And what is even better is that when Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice staffed the President when he chaired a historic convening of leaders at the UN Security Council in September 2009, she outlined what the administration was going to do — get a lockdown of nuke material process underway, get America back into a leadership position promoting the nuclear non-proliferation regime, and create not just costs for those who were outside the NPT but opportunities for those that are in.
The UN Security Council then voted unanimously in favor of the Obama global nuclear controls blueprint — and now it’s happening.
One of the primary causes of the perception other nations have of American weakness has been the seeming inability to achieve the objectives that President Obama himself has committed the nation to.
This has changed.
With the US-Russia START agreement, a new Nuclear Posture Review that makes several key leaps and which reduces the overall footprint of nukes in America’s military arsenal, the Nuclear Summit now underway (and paralyzing traffic patterns) in Washington — all leading up to the once every five years NPT Review Conference next month, Obama is changing the game and accomplishing real results.
I think that this momentum with big stakeholders like Russia, China, Brazil, Europe and so on — and efforts that Vice President Joe Biden is solidifying with a whole set of non-alligned nations are going to pay off substantially for the country and Obama’s legacy.
So, tonight. 8:05 pm Eastern. MSNBC’s Countdown.
And tomorrow, check out the lead oped on Politico. If all goes well, you’ll see a piece by yours truly on the Obama/Biden team’s new nuclear grooves.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Counting it Down with Keith Olbermann Tonight on Obama’s Nuclear Summitry

  1. DCWonk says:

    What a delight it is to learn from you on Countdown and Maddow. You simply have so many interesting thoughts and experiences that you make everyone else on these shows look pale and trivial in comparison.
    Your comment about the Sandia nuclear labs was fascinating, and I think you really are the foreign policy pillar of MSNBC. THANK YOU for educating the citizens of this country.


  2. erichwwk says:

    Pahlvan, I apologize for the attitude towards Iran by some. While the WP quotes Obama as saying “international law is not an empty promise” i note the hypocrisy their as the U.S. nuclear weapons policy violates so many international laws and treaties. The threat of the right to use nuclear weapons against Iran itself was ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice in 1996.
    Steve writes:
    “create not just costs for those who were outside the NPT”
    Now, exactly what would those costs to India be?
    And to Israel?
    Are you still of the belief that Iran, while signatory to the NPT, is in non compliance because of the retraction (and subsequent breach) of voluntary measures for which Iran got nothing in return?
    Perhaps a more useful characteristic to determine those on whom we impose costs, and those we offer opportunities are whether they do or do not support U.S. hegemony.
    It seems to me the predominate characteristic of the Obama administration has been to cave in to the nuclear weapons labs and manufacturers by offering a “feel good” faux disarmament plan, endorsing the ultra hawk view developed by the Hoover Institute. Just as in basketball, the only numbers that matter are the five men on the court and perhaps the seven on the bench. The extra numbers mean nada, ZERO. So it is with nuclear weapons. It is the APEX of what one fields that counts most, and in this case the bench is the nuclear weapons infrastructure. In THAT sense, the current nuclear posture is MORE belligerent than the Bush policy.
    BTW, [Kaveh L Afrasiabi] reports: “high-ranking members of the IAEA will be among 200 or so foreign dignitaries attending the two-day conference” on nuclear disarmament that Iran is simultaneously hosting in Tehran.
    For those willing to look at both views on this issue, the article:
    “Do the New START and NPR Just Provide Cover Fire for the Nuclear Establishment?”
    gives a decent short overview to the faux disarmament plan and links to two of Darwin Bondgraham’s aricles.


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