Clemons & Katulis Discuss Egypt Turmoil with Rachel Maddow


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Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Brian Katulis and I had a good discussion with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last night.
Katulis made the interesting point that America’s affinity for Mubarak may be just a hangover from the Cold War, at least in part. He also said that we need to move characterizing our options in the region between simplistic notions of stability vs. freedom. I agree with him.
I put on the table that the Israel-Palestine standoff is one of the drivers of America’s strong support for Egypt’s government under Mubarak. Representative Nita Lowey concurs with this as reported by Capital J‘s Ron Kampeas.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Clemons & Katulis Discuss Egypt Turmoil with Rachel Maddow

  1. drew says:

    I particularly enjoyed her reporting of the call by to
    Gov. Palin, requesting that she lead a U.S. invasion of Egypt. I really
    learned a lot in that piece. Thank goodness we have brave
    reporting such as this. And to think that she can break stories and
    speak truth to power, all while smirking, hamming, and emoting.


  2. Dan Kervick says:

    I enjoyed the interview with you and Katulis, Steve. I watched it online.
    This is the first time I have watched Maddow’s show since some time back in 2009, and I have to say I found her almost insufferable. Does she always talk so much? I would have preferred that she spend more time interviewing her expert guests, and cut down on the melodramatic monologue.


  3. The Pessimist says:

    “she’s a network lady of the night who will say whatever she is told to say to hold onto her paycheck.”
    But that is precisely the pathos of American style persuasive argument; personal benefits first, last and always, and damn the consequences!


  4. Carroll says:

    I have never liked Maddow and she has gotten worse as she goes on…she is a comedy.
    And after I heard make so many totally false claims and statements I quit watching.
    Don’t expect anything responsible out of her, she’s a network lady of the night who will say whatever she is told to say to hold onto her paycheck.


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Kathleen, I felt that Steve did an excellent job last night bringing Israel into the discussion. I got the impression that Rachel’s sphincter muscle was contracted the whole time that Steve was talking. I am really curious if Steve asked permission to talk openly, or if he simply dropped a bombshell on Maddow. He’s got three strikes now. The letter he organized, his willingness to give Freeman a mic, and now mentioning “Israel” on Maddow’s show. The Firsters will be looking for a way to fuck him over. I liked Maddow when she first came on the seen, even though she over-hammed her antics. But she has proven herself to be a posturing insincere piece of shit with highly selective concern for human rights. As long as a suffering human being can be used to push her own political agendas, than she is perfectly content airing that person’s travails. But if an example of human suffering cannot be exploited to her own designs, than tough shit, she has no interest, empathy, sympathy, or concern. Her slobbering over Neda, while ignoring Tristan Anderson and Emily Henochowicz was a despicable display. It robbed me of ANY respect I have for her. I put her in the same trash heap I have consigned Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to. Maddow is a card carrying member of their kinda club.


  6. Kathleen says:

    When will RAchel ever cover Palestinian protesters?
    Or Palestinian human rights? She is so selective about human rights issues. So chicken shit or just a Pep (progressive except for Palestine).
    also repeats unsubstantiated claims about Iran


  7. questions says:

    … almost has it right.
    Steve, really listen to Katulis for he know whereof he speaks.
    Cold War hangover. And then some.
    The US loves itself some serious thugocracies all around the world. In Latin America, in the ME, in Africa, we love us some serious thugs, and we always have.
    We have Cold War territory issues.
    And we have resource and population issues.
    If oil spikes, we’re sunk.
    If the material basis of telecomm (that’s all that metal stuff people pull out of the earth) spikes, we’re sunk.
    If labor around the world gets all democraticky-socialisticky and demands its fair share of the stuff of the earth, we’re sunk.
    It’s really not an Israel-focused issue.
    Turn it on its head. Why Israel in the region? Because of the resource and political and labor issues.
    Pan-Arabism could be problematic, pan-Islamism could be problematic, anything that raises the costs of the stuff of the earth could be problematic.
    Re-think what you mean by “US interests” and then re-think what Katulis says. And you’ll have a better perspective on why we want thugocracies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Latin America, Africa and everywhere else we can get them.
    And then think about the trap we end up in. Once you have a thugocracy, you freeze political development in place, you lose all the lower level training grounds for political leaders to emerge. And so once you have a thugocracy, you almost have to keep it permanently because no one knows quite how to undo the damage.
    What are we most worried about in Egypt? Well, a nastier thugocracy than the one we’ve been supporting. OR a democratic socialist regime looking away from us and giving oil producing exporting countries an excuse to jack up world prices and share the wealth more evenly and more appropriately.
    Think about the stock market dive yesterday, and then add to that a spike in gas prices and then multiply those by several weeks….
    We love us some serious thugocracy. Prior to, and separate from anything having to do with Israel.


  8. ... says:

    lets face it – the usa likes supporting dictators and military regimes where the robber class always maintains power with a large slave base… the usa has no credibility when it comes to international affairs and one would have to be blind to miss this…


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