Change is Here: New White House Website Uploaded


White House Obama Web Site.jpg
That was fast. There is a brand new White House website that looks a lot like the sweeping bluish blend of the Obama campaign website that has been uploaded.
Check it out — along with the first post of the “White House Blog.”
Off to the Google/YouTube-Leadership Conference on Civil Rights ball…and then to David Frum’s and Dal LaMagna’s. Exhausted — but still a great day.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “Change is Here: New White House Website Uploaded

  1. Brown says:

    Mr President you have under taken a hugh task that has multiple arms, I am certain the American People will support you in your endevors. All we ask is that persons and companies responsible for the travesty that occured in the financial sector are held accountable.
    Specifically in light of the continued spending and hugh layoffs that are creating astronomical losses in lives and livelyhoods. In the last 2 days a family of 7 & family of 4 were unable to see a the light of hope and died.
    Bounses are based on profit..RICO Investigations
    Fraud and embezzlement.


  2. Polly Donoho says:

    I salute you! Wonderful responsibility expectaions from Americans and none too demanding for us to meet. The National Prayer Service was eloquent and emotionally moving. Looking forward to new neighbors, community growth and working together.


  3. TonyForesta says:

    Todays’ press conference and the implementation of Presidential directives curbing the untoward influence on lobbying and lobbyist, and thier connects within the government, – and demanding and erecting structures for a restroration of transparancy in the conduct of the Obama government are exceedingly welcome and efforts, and encouraging news, invigorating at least my hopes, that President Obama is making an about face from the systemic lawlessness, deception, cronyism, and pathological lying of the bushgov.


  4. carol says:

    President Obama is going to be a great President of that I have no doubt, he is clear and presice in what he wants to achieve and makes it very clear that it will not be easy or short.
    I am so thrilled today knowing that he is my President and have full confidence in our future, patience will be required by us all but change will come to this country, absolutely no doubt.


  5. questions says:

    (Insert smiley emoticon here.)


  6. Spunkmeyer says:

    If Obama succeeds in utilizing the Internet even half of what his
    campaign did, we are in for a sea change. I am simultaneously exhilarated and terrified by the prospect, in only that we cannot
    know in advance it’s full effect.


  7. Dan Kervick says:

    George Mitchell is a very fine choice. Good first move by Obama
    The US and much of the world are distracted by the Obama inauguration. But it is important for the international community to move quickly on Gaza now that the Israeli withdrawal is complete, and prevent the situation from deteriorating further while making sure the suffering people of Gaza do not fall prey to political delays and manipulation. Some steps:
    1. The most vital step is to get the United Nations into the Gaza area right away. The UN needs to take direct charge of the reconstruction, and get its people into the area to control the border crossings. We need a speedy UN resolution on this matter. Hopefully the new US administration will be less obstructionist than was the last administration where vital UN functions are concerned.
    2. Israeli obstructionism and attempts to muscle into the reconstruction process must be resisted by the international community. It is preposterous that the perpetrators of this massacre, whose death toll is now up to 1300, should be allowed any role whatsoever in the reconstruction, other than the provision of money.
    3. It is essential to press for full and unfettered access for journalists to Gaza. Journalists must be permitted to document the outcome of the assault, and also to keep the world community informed on the reconstruction process.
    4. The way must be cleared for Americans who want to donate to Gaza relief and reconstruction. The US lists Hamas as a terrorist organization, so I assume donations going through certain channels will be illegal. But Americans who want to help the Gazans directly must be permitted to do so.
    5. US government action on Gaza should, for now, be restricted to cooperation with international efforts headed by the UN, and the provision of relief and construction supplies under UN auspices. US bigfooting in the Gaza reconstruction will be seen as cynical and inappropriate. The United States obstructed the cease-fire process during the war, and then the US Congress supported the massacre by a unanimous voice vote. These are not actions that can be undone by high-profile relief spectacles.


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