Chalabi: US Wants Secret Iraq Bases


Former Iraq Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi has told Iranian news sources that the U.S. is trying to engineer a deal with the Iraqi government to allow “secret bases.”
From the Middle East Times:

Former Iraqi Deputy Premier Ahmad Chalabi told Iranian state-owned media Friday the United States is seeking to establish secret military bases in Iraq.
In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency, Chalabi, once a Washington favorite, said U.S. officials are trying to inject agreements for secret bases in Iraq as part of the long-term security contract slated to govern U.S.-Iraqi relations when the U.N. mandate there expires at the end of this year.
“Within the framework of the security pact, the United States does not wish to merely have open military bases (in Iraq), rather secret military bases (there),” he said.
He said negotiations on the deal were ongoing following the acceptance of a formal draft agreement in August but noted there were still contentious issues surrounding legal authority over U.S. military forces and the use of Iraq as a staging ground for the broader counter-terrorism effort.

I am inclined to think Chalabi is telling the truth this time. But I would like to know what his neoconservative friends like Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, and Fouad Ajami think of Chalabi’s chit-chats with Iran.
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “Chalabi: US Wants Secret Iraq Bases

  1. Matthew says:

    Can we recap the “success” stories of the Bush adminstration:
    1. Quick invasion of utterly devastated and defenseless Iraq has taken 5 years and hundreds of billions of dollars. And we still can’t get the our puppet government to sign a status of forces (read: imperial defense) agreement.
    2. NK took our money and still is reworking their deal.
    3. The only terrorist who actually brought down our civilian aircraft, is now a friend and opened his country up to US oil companies. So the real terrorists can buy their way off the state-sponsors-of-terrorism list.
    4. The Indian nuclear deal shows that the NPT is only for suckers.
    5. While “we are all Georgians now” all our Humvees sold to Georgia have new Russian owners.


  2. Helena Cobban says:

    Chalabi has hidden his close links with Iran “in plain sight” since at least March 2003, when on his way in to the “victory parade” in Iraq (hollow laugh emitted here), he traveled in via Iran, and his daughter Tamara actually chronicled on Open Democracy his khosh-bosh close relations with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
    None of this is surprising. None. Why anyone would have trusted the guy after he defrauded the Jordanian widows and orphans who had invested in his completely fraudulent (= “mathematically enabled”) banking scam there in the late 1980s is quite beyond me.
    Oh sorry, I forgot. Americans are real suckers for large-scale, mathematically enabled banking scame, no?


  3. Ben Rosengart says:

    Towards whom is the secrecy aimed? Iraqis will know the bases
    are there — but Americans won’t.


  4. karenk says:

    A market based economy for health care would be a disaster. McCain doesn’t want health care in govt hands but rather in the hands of big business, which is not working now.(gee did my doctor just give me levaquin cause its the best antibiotic for my condition or cause the pfizer rep brings a fancy lunch once in a while and offers the doc a free trip to Disney?)
    Somehow the delivery of health care has to be put back into the hands of the doctors/nurses/PA’s.
    The business takeover of healthcare over the past 20 years has not been pretty from “ER stretcher view”. It has brought us a health care system that is inequitable in delivery, unbelievably yet unneccessarily costly and is as inefficient at curing, healing and preventing disease as possible, which puts us all at risk. One thing we do need:
    Healthcare not sick care!!!


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Stay behind armies. This is a signal that we already know Iraq is lost.
    In fact, Gladio isn’t just linked to p2, the Niger forgery overseers.
    It’s Turkish arm, famous for narco trafficing and money laundering, also fought Armenians and the PKK.
    Sibel Edmonds had something to say about the Plame items re: Turkey and a certain Bushco. translator with conflicts of interest.
    The entire criminal cabal that did this war was a cold war holdover from the stay behind armies of NATO and the Iron Curtain.
    They’re going back to that kind of pattern activity. Stay behind elements conducted assassinations, even train bombings.
    Quite a ride they took the rest of the world on to this point.


  6. Bill R. says:

    There’s no honor among thieves. Did anyone doubt they weren’t angling for secret bases?


  7. Liz says:

    Although I take some pleasure in his appearances poking at the soft underbellies of the neo-conservatist morons who started the debacle in Iraq, such agents of self-interest really don’t deserve to be validated in any way by referring to them by name in any context other than a recitation of prominent international scumbags.


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I love it when ol’ Chalabi occassionally crawls out from under his rock to shit on Bush’s head.
    I wonder if Monkey Boy ever takes some and rubs it in Cheney’s face?


  9. karen marie says:

    and chalabi should be judged credible because why?
    i certainly don’t doubt that the us is in fact attempting to establish “secret” bases in iraq but are there not other, more reliable sources of information?
    chalabi is a lying, manipulative, self-serving hack.
    don’t assist his rehabilitation by citing him as an authority for anything. it is simply beyond the pale.


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