John Bolton on The Daily Show Tonight



One of Steve’s and my partners in crime on the Bolton campaign has informed us that former Ambassador Bolton will be on The Daily Show tonight at 11. Should be entertaining. Interesting to note: Bolton and Jon Stewart have an interesting point of agreement: they both think France doesn’t matter.

Russian Media Freedom Going, Going, Gone



What exactly did President Bush see when he looked into President Putin’s eyes? I recall he got “a sense of his soul.” After my post last week about Kommersant’s reaction to the death of Russian journalist Ivan Safronov, a couple of my Russian friends e-mailed me to tell me they were concerned for my safety….

Cap & Trade: No Time to Lose



There are a thousand reasons Nancy Pelosi might have decided not to push for a greenhouse gas cap & trade scheme by July 4, her timeline for global warming legislation. None of those reasons are compelling. I’ll be doing some fairly in-depth writing on climate change and energy policy on this site.

Kommersant vs. the Kremlin



Russian prosecutors believe journalist Ivan Safronov threw himself from a fifth story window to his death. Apparently we’re to believe that Safronov, who was about to publish a story detailing his investigation into Russian arms deals with Iran and Syria, suddenly decided to give up on life.