A Great Week for International Institutions


After Zimbabwe won its election to Chair the Commission on Sustainable Development and Paul Wolfowitz held the World Bank hostage last month, international institutions were due for a boost. The month wasn’t all bad – after all, human rights groups did manage to help defeat Belarus in its bid for a seat on the U.N….

Why Is Romney Running Against Obama?



Last week, McCain and Obama traded barbs over the Iraq war. McCain first derided Obama for voting against the war supplemental, then Obama called out McCain for his farcical pronouncement that Baghdad is secure, and McCain finally ended the exchange by smugly correcting the Obama team’s spelling of “fla[c]k jacket.

Richardson is Hitting the Mark on Energy



To no one’s surprise, Bill Richardson is officially a candidate for President. Richardson is showing well right now in Iowa, though some people doubt he can break through to the supposed “top tier” of candidates. I think he certainly has the potential; whether or not his candidacy really takes off remains to be seen.