An Imperative to Get “Darcy Burner Types” into Congress


I haven’t weighed in much on candidates for Congress, but I really do like Darcy Burner who is running in Washington State’s 8th District.
Matt Stoller just posted this TV ad from the 2006 race in which her opponent Dave Reichert essentially called Burner a ditz. Stoller asks his readers “Want to see what sexism looks like?”

I agree with Stoller that this ad is offensive and sexist.
One of the best pieces of policy work out there that I have seen done thus far was Darcy Burner’s “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.” 54 Democratic candidates for the House have signed on to the proposal including Donna Edwards who is running in Maryland’s 4th District, unseated a Democratic incumbent in the primary, and also closely affiliated with Matt Stoller’s good work.
This “Responsible Plan” is a big deal. Read it — I think that this is perhaps a more important fundamental playbook for thinking through an Iraq withdrawal than what we are getting from either of the two (well, barely two) Democratic presidential candidates.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Larry Emailer says:

    Would this have been sexist if Congressman Reichert ran this ad against a male opponent?
    So lame to call it sexist. Calling it like it is: NO EXPERIENCE is not sexist. Making someone look like a ditz is not sexist either. It might be mean or underhanded, but no sexist. This isn’t even close. Why am I even commenting here…waste of time.


  2. samuel burke says:

    i think that for any american politician to have to suck up to an
    apartheid israel is abominable, and to have to wear their
    position on their sleeve for all to see shows the power of aipac
    in our policital system.
    would anyone support an america for christians only?
    lets divide the u.s into two states, one that is fascist and racist
    and includes only the perfect people and another one that
    includes the rest who dont believe in the same god or have the
    proper fascist belief system.
    but thats right i forgot, israel can be racist and commit
    atrocities and not have to give account or be held accountable to
    at least jon stewart from comedy central is taking american
    politicans who suck up to israel seriously in his comedy news
    hour, cause not many americans with visibility and a job to lose
    seem willing to do the same.
    by the way, in that add all i saw was an individual who happened
    to be a woman, applying for a position that she couldnt fill.
    for you to equate all unqualified applicants with ditsy females is
    sexist on your part.


  3. jack says:

    Poorly done and lightweight from start to finish. Gosh!


  4. Zathras says:

    That was a pretty good political ad; pithy, direct, attacking the other candidate’s weak point while pointing up your own guy’s strength.
    Was it fair? Please. It was a campaign ad in a race for Congress. Complaining that a campaign is unfair is like complaining a defensive lineman has bad breath; it may be perfectly true and still be utterly irrelevant. As for being offensive, I suppose that depends on how dainty one’s sensibilities are, though Matt Stoller’s post conveyed an impression that what he really objected to was the lack of genuflection toward someone who went to Harvard.
    Besides, it was an ad from 2006. Outrage should be more timely, no?


  5. TonyForesta says:

    “An Imperative to Get “Darcy Burner Types” into Congress”
    True that Mr. Clemons. I read and signed up in supporting “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq. It is an intelligent and workable articulation of the best reasons and options for redeployment of US forces out of Iraq. Hopefully, this policy will glean oxygen in the coming weeks and the democratic party buries the hatchets and initiates the arduous and necessary process of dethroning and defanging the fascists in the Bush government, and thier surrogate, defender, and appeaser McCain.
    One thousand thanks for the informative links.


  6. karen says:

    Darcy Burner is an outstanding candidate, and she was just narrowly defeated in her last run. I am so grateful that she is running again, and I am donating to her campaign again. We have wonderful, committed women in public service in this great State of Washington, and she will join that group.


  7. tomj says:

    Nice post. Darcy spoke at our 41st District convention some weeks back. She has star power here, more than the other elected dems, and she isn’t even elected yet.
    Either she or another speaker noted that Darcy lost in 2006 by less than two votes per precinct!
    The main problem with this district is that Bellevue is pro-Darcy, but there is a large rural area in Pierce County. I have friends living there, and they are happily, unapologetically red-neck. This area is heavily Dave-ville. All Dave has to do for these folks is look like the Sheriff that he was. Gee, the Green River runs all through this area, and he was the guy that is most closely associated with tracking down the killer named after this river.
    So being so close two years ago, it is pretty amazing.


  8. judyo says:

    Being a “local”, I was impressed with Burner from the git go. BTW, our State Republicans are not above pulling the same disenfranchisement stunts that the nationals do.
    Reichert is a bully which has fit the times. I sincerely hope that “times are a-changin”


  9. evap says:

    I gave money to Darcy Burner in 2006, although I live on the other side of the country. She came very close to winning and given what will probably be a huge turnout for Obama in WA this fall, I bet she can pull it off this time. Here’s hoping.


  10. ... says:

    it sounds like typical political talk with nothing new being said… all talk is basically how i see it, as the reality continues to deteriorate..


  11. WigWag says:

    “I condemn the use of terrorism by any party for any reason and support Israel’s right to defend itself against all hostile entities. I favor a strong U.S.-Israeli relationship, as well as strong U.S. relationships with Arab governments and leadership organizations that have renounced terrorist tactics and publicly acknowledged the right of Israel to exist in peace and security. In the case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I support a two-state solution in which an independent, democratic, and economically-viable Palestine lives side-by-side with a secure, democratic, and Jewish Israel, with both countries receiving the international support necessary to maintain peace and stability.”
    This quote comes straight off the Darcy Burner website outlining her position on the Israel/Palestine conflict. Her positions sounds terrific to me. I can’t help but wonder how it sounds to other readers of the Washington Note


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