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I’ve not been all that excited about the McCain “I don’t know how many houses I’ve got” gaffe.
I know others who aren’t tuned into such details and they’d make fine national leaders. One can be out of touch with a lot of things — numerous homes, paying bills on time, remembering to put gas in the car, knowing which drawer the kitchen utensils are in (that’s one of my regular screw-ups), and so on.
But Rogue Columnist captures the beyond-home implications of the gaffe that we should be concerned about:

President-elect McCain’s inability to recall how many houses he owns fits into a larger and more troubling pattern. The problem is not just that he is an out-of-touch rich guy.
This is the candidate who repeatedly confused Shiite and Sunni — all the while trumpeting his expertise on the Middle East. At one point, his sock puppet Joe Lieberman had to whisper the facts in his ear. He couldn’t tell Sudan from Somalia. He kept talking about a nation that hasn’t existed for years. Iraq and Pakistan share a border, the senator wrongly said, and the Sunni awakening happened ‘after’ the surge (edited out by CBS). He said he didn’t know much about economics, then denied saying such a thing. He spoke of a withdrawal timetable one day, then denied saying it later. He volunteered Cindy for a topless contest. Then there was the stupendous dead space and mumbling when he was questioned about claiming Obama was playing the race card. He claimed he walked through Baghdad without body armor or protection, etc., etc. Most of this has been captured on tape.
What’s going on? Neither obvious answer is comforting. He’s either going senile as he nears 72, or he’s lying and unprepared on critical issues without realizing how easily this can be caught in a YouTube era. (Whether the duhs and ignos — those ‘undecided voters’ and angry Clintonites — will care, is another, depressing matter). Either one of these answers should disqualify him for the White House, particularly because so many of his misstatements, confusions and subsequent lies come about issues where he claims superior experience and judgment.

I turn 46 on Wednesday next week — during the Democratic National Convention — so I’m feeling particularly vulnerable to age challenges. I don’t care if McCain is 72. I care whether he is functioning mentally, intellectually, and emotionally in full form.
This is a candidate who has already decided that Russia is the dark villain and Georgia’s Saakashvili the white knight in the scrape-up between Russia and Georgia. In that case, did he talk with his advisers to make sure that he had his facts straight and intelligence right? Wait, one of his top national security advisers is a paid lobbyist for Georgia. . .so, let’s change that to “Did McCain ask his biased staff members to recuse themselves and then ask others to help him get his facts straight?’
Or did he just decide what was what all on his own when he issued his condemnation of and not so veiled threats toward Russia?
I don’t care if folks see the Georgia-Russia mess as a black and white situation or a problem with lots of gray, if McCain is making fast judgments but often has a poor grasp of detail. . .and let’s put some “emotional outbursts” on top of that. . .then that’s not a trivial problem.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Jinchi says:

    Dr. Michael Roizen, developer of the ‘Real Age’ program, calculates John McCain’s biological age…
    Dr Roizen, who claims to really be 18 years younger than his 59 calendar years has some strange numbers in his calculation.
    He claims McCain is 5’9″ with a BMI of 24, although McCain is typically listed as being 5’7″ tall which would give him a BMI of 25.5.
    “At 134 over 84, McCain’s blood pressure is not optimal.” – but this makes him almost a year younger?
    “McCain has had four cancerous lesions removed from his skin.” – but this has no effect on his age.
    “has kidney stones” – no effect.
    “suffers from degenerative arthritis.” – no effect.
    Exactly what condition would McCain have to be in to really be 71 years old?
    I’m not going to claim McCain is too old to be president, but he certainly looks every bit of his 71 years – and quite a bit older than Ronald Reagan looked at this point in his life.


  2. FormerRepub says:

    Im still wondering why no one suggested that instead of McCain’s suggesting his wife Cindy partake in the miss buffalo chip contest that John himself do it? at 71 yrs old, im sure he has manboobs that he can show off.


  3. FormerRepub says:

    McCain is not qualfied in any way to be POTUS. He is however completely and totally a POS.


  4. Don Bacon says:

    Statistics are averages, and are meaningless when applied to specific individuals. Personally, I’m 71, eat sensibly (vegetarian), exercise frequently (I’ve back-packed over a hundred twenty miles this summer) and as a result I have a twenty-year-old’s blood pressure, take no medications and have no physical problems, plus everything works, if you get my drift.
    Dr. Michael Roizen, developer of the ‘Real Age’ program, calculates John McCain’s biological age, based on several factors pertaining to McCain and his lifestyle, as 64.


  5. Roger says:

    Look at the odds. If you’re old as hell and can still figure out how to
    post to this blog, then you’ve beaten the odds. What are the
    chances that McCain could today post to this blog? One in twenty? I
    doubt it. If you’re male and 72, you have a good probability of
    dying within 12 years. If death is from natural causes you will likely
    be physically or mentally disabled for several years. If McCain gets
    elected, which looks likely, considering that Bush was elected
    twice, and the appearance that Americans aren’t showing signs of
    getting any less stupid, what is the probability that Lieberman will
    fall into the presidency? That would be a disaster of biblical


  6. Roger says:

    I turn 64 next month…er or is that 65. Anyway…If a younger man
    living off an older woman is a gigolo, what do you call an older
    man living off a younger woman? Maybe somebody who doesn’t
    have to remember how many houses he’s been given.


  7. Kathleen says:

    Maybe some reporter should ask McPain how many kids he has, their names and ages….will he need his staff to tally that up for him?


  8. jhm says:

    It might have been better if Hon. Sen. McCain didn’t remember
    how many domiciles he had if he came back and admitted he had
    quite a few. Instead he (or his staff) came back with a total of four.
    This is not only pretty transparently low balling the actual figure,
    but it presents the obvious question of how the man couldn’t
    come up with four at the time.


  9. SqueakyRat says:

    See, he’s a regular guy. Comb-over, no tie.


  10. Don Bacon says:

    You’re 76? That’s the spirit. McCain isn’t.


  11. Bbob says:

    McCain is too old to be president. I Know. I’m an expert. I am


  12. Johnh says:

    I heard it’s a variant of “Mad Cow,” called “Mad Bull Sh*t.” It’s running rampant in Washington. Rumor has it that it’s caused by laundering too much money.


  13. calvinthecat says:

    The house gaffe is important because it’s a clue to his underlying
    pathology. Yes, The “original maverick” has Mad Cow Disease.


  14. Don Bacon says:

    SC: “I don’t care if McCain is 72.”
    Actually, McCain is still 71, my age, and does anyone think that I’m losing it? I mean, besides you. And you.
    This whole assumption of unavoidable age senility thing may carry less appeal to some of you when you’re my (our) age. It isn’t true. I’m as sharp as I ever was, which means I’m about average. More or less.
    PS: Johnny turns 72 on Friday next. Happy . . .


  15. Mr.Murder says:

    You’ll have to forgive McCain on some of the nomenclature gaffes, he’s still trying to memorize the 57 states….


  16. Mary says:

    Let us not forget that it is a neocon goal to combine all threats
    into one vast Islamofascist menace (Hagee too) in order to wipe
    out the Arab world. McCain was coopted by the neocons long ago.
    He is an intellectually lazy rich boy who has glommed onto an easy
    to understand ideology that fulfills his basic warmonger
    tendencies. He’d like to get back with the realists but they won’t
    have him. So he’s stuck. Tie him to the neocons. And all that
    other stuff too…


  17. JohnH says:

    Surely you jest! Bad memory is now a qualification for high office: Alberto Gonzalez, Lurita Doan, etc, etc. It’s the new refuge of all criminals seeking to avoid taking the Fifth.
    “Did I take all that money from Hess just before coming out if favor of offshore drilling? I can’t remember.”
    The question is no longer, “what did he know, and when did he know it?” It’s been replaced by “what did he remember, and when did he remember it?”
    Unfortunately, the corporate media’s amnesia is as bad as McCain’s, so he rarely gets called on his flip-flops.


  18. MarkL says:

    I have a quibble with one part of this post.
    I don’t think McCain is making a mistake when he mixes up Sunni and Shia. This has been administration policy for years, because it makes it easier to blame Iran for Iraq’s troubles.
    Reagan was obviously in decline in 1984 and it made no difference. In fact, if you believe Brad Delong’s stories (from people who were in the Reagan administration), Reagan was floridly senile.
    People used cartoons to present arguments to him.


  19. WigWag says:

    You’re right; he is going senile (slowly but surely). Senator McCain is not a dumb man. During his more lucid moments he surely knows the difference between Shiites and Sunnis. But his lucid moments are dwindling in number.
    Even when Senator McCain is well rested and at his best, he doesn’t know anything about the economy. And when he pretends to care about domestic issues, he is far from convincing.
    McCain is simply too old to be President. Not everyone his age is, but he is.
    Believe it or not, “angry Clintonites” don’t want to vote for McCain. I was hoping that McCain would pull a Schwarzenegger which would have made him a viable option for a protest vote. But his performance at the Saddleback event disabused me of that notion. Even though the press said McCain bested Obama at the Rick Warren confab, Obama was terrific, McCain was terrible.
    McCain is a senile old fool and Obama is a charlatan. That’s what we have to choose from.


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