Walter Russell Mead calls them Jacksonian Americans. Anatol Lieven calls them pugnacious nationalists. I call them “Fuck Yeah Americans.”
If you missed Team America: World Police, you need to watch this music video.
BUT WAIT! This clip is very, very vulgar — some full body nudity, erotic sex, but lots of apple pie, Mom, NASCAR, tanks, and patriotic images too.
You have been warned. Here, now, is the music video clip.
But anyone who didn’t fully understand what I was talking about when I analyzed the outcome of the Presidential election in terms of a new breed of “Fuck Yeah Americans” will get my point after watching this.
Some of my friends and many of my second and third cousins are ‘Fuck Yeah Americans’ and proud of it. I don’t quite fit the mold.
These could be the swing voters in 2008. Sobering.
— Steve Clemons
(ed. note: Many thanks to WMS for forwarding this to me.)