86% Dems — 72% Independents — 61% Repubs Want Congress to Speed Withdrawal from Afghanistan


A USA Today / Gallup poll finds that 72% of Americans favor Congressional action this year to speed up the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The party breakdown shows 86% of Democrats, 72% of independents and 61% of Republicans all favor Congressional action to speed the withdrawal.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “86% Dems — 72% Independents — 61% Repubs Want Congress to Speed Withdrawal from Afghanistan

  1. Kathleen says:

    I was one of the folks who was not only against the invasion of Iraq but also of Afghanistan. I do believe the U.S. made a serious mistake by basically pulling out of Afghanistan after we helped the Mujahadeen run Russian troops out.
    But now that we are in there and I have learned so much more about Afghanistan from a wonderful young Afghani man who was studying at a university here in Ohio on a Fulbright. About the destruction of their almond, pomegrante, grape, cotton, pistachio orchards etc during their war with Russia. The shift to a poppy growing culture due to the need for these farmers to feed their families etc. I have shifted towards supporting U.S. and international efforts for nation building in Afghanistan.
    Supplying farmers with the means (tools, trees, seeds, fertilizers) to grow other agricultural crops. Subsidizing these farmers to give them a choice and chance to get off the poppy teat, unless they are growing for legitimate medical uses of the poppy extracts.
    The people of Afghanistan have suffereed so long. I support funding that would support such a transition.


  2. Don Bacon says:

    What strategic reason keeps the US in Afghanistan?
    Follow the money. The US has partnered with India in its Central/South Asia strategy which is particularly oriented on the energy rich Central Asia, and a US-dominated Afghanistan is the key to Central Asia.
    US Assistant Secretary of State Blake spelled out the Central and South Asia strategy, and the US-India partnership, in a speech on 19 Jan 2011:
    “Energy-rich Central Asia lies at a critical strategic crossroads, bordering Afghanistan, China, Russia and Iran, which is why the United States wants to continue to expand our engagement and our cooperation with this critical region. And South Asia, with India as its thriving anchor, is a region of growing strategic and commercial importance to the United States in the critical Indian Ocean area.
    “As a sign of our close partnership in the region, the President announced during his landmark visit to India in November that we would work with India on women


  3. JohnH says:

    Exactly, Pessimist, “So?”
    A major point of the adventure in Afghanistan is to expunge the ghosts of Vietnam, where withdrawal was blamed on public opinion. The attitude of the current band of arrogant militarists is “the public be damned. America must show resolve.”
    Some things, like pointless and futile wars, are more important than democracy.


  4. The Pessimist says:

    In the immortal words of Dick Cheney, “So.”
    Nobody in a position of power in DC gives two shakes what any damn public poll determines, they are not interested one minute past election day with what the public wants.
    They are the corrupt and immoral enablers of Corporate America. Republicans, Democrats and so-called “Independents” alike despise us as much as “nadine the nut-job neocon” despises Arabs.
    The hatred is entirely unreasonable but none-the-less real.


  5. Cato The Censor says:

    Thanks for yet another graphic reminder of how utterly irrelevant the people’s will is in modern America.


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