GOP Doing Some Smart Stuff



I just got this email from Republican House Whip Eric Cantor: Do You Have Time for a 30 Minute Strategy Call? Dear Steven, Will you join me for a 30 minute strategy call on Thursday, September 30th at 4:30 PM? My colleague in the GOP Young Guns program, Representative Kevin McCarthy, and I would like…

LIVE STREAM at 2:00 pm TODAY: Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad at New America



The violent clashes currently underway in East Jerusalem, sparked by the shooting of a Palestinian man by a private guard protecting Israeli settlers, have once again demonstrated the volatility and hair-trigger tensions in Jerusalem and in the region that can explode at the slightest provocation.

Afghanistan Study Group Report Stirs Support and Debate in UK



Before I was able to speak to the themes of the Afghanistan Study Group report of which I was a part at a major foreign policy conference titled the 2010 Global Leadership Forum sponsored by the Royal United Services Institute and the Princeton Project on National Security in London this past week, former UK Ambassador…