Don’t Say No to Panda?


There are so many layers of geostrategic humor in this clip. Watch — and just think about it.
Not gonna say more at the moment.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Dan Kervick says:

    I didn’t get the geostrategic humor. It’s just a cheese commercial.


  2. questions says:

    On SMALL businesses:
    “The second argument is that not extending the tax cuts to high-income earners would impose an excessive burden on small businesses. Here, however, we fall into a statistical morass. The administration points out that only 3 percent of all businesses earn enough to have to pay any additional tax. But Republicans reply that those 3 percent of businesses earn 47 percent of the income from this entire sector, meaning that the higher taxes would apply to the bulk of small-business income.
    Which is the most relevant number?
    To understand these statistics, we need to know how small business is defined. The data come from tax returns, and the definition of a


  3. questions says:

    Well, this is really interesting, and not miles from something I suggested recently….
    “Former Service Employees International Union president Andrew L. Stern, now a senior research fellow at Georgetown University, has proposed that the government temporarily reduce taxes on repatriated corporate earnings, then use the tax revenue to fund an infrastructure bank. The proposal, he said, could generate at least 2.4 million jobs.
    Congress enacted a tax holiday for corporate profits held overseas in 2004, lowering the rate for returned money to 5.25 percent. The measure raised the amount of repatriated foreign profits five-fold to nearly $300 billion. But rather than supporting job creation, a study found, much of the money went directly to shareholders – through increased dividends or expanded share buybacks. ”
    My suggestion was to use the money directly on very tax favorable terms. Maybe this version is better, but I am certainly not an economist. It’ll be interesting to see if something like this moves forward.
    Invest America


  4. nadine says:

    Tian, I will ignore your rudeness and ask, What socialist or communist country every “continually delivered the goods”? You’re now holding Brazil (not a totalitarian government, last I checked) up for a good example? Have you checked out the social inequality in Brazil lately? Liberals spend a lot of time complaining about inequality in the US; just see how it compares.


  5. Tian says:

    You know Warren and Nadine, don’t meant to intrude on your circle-jerk here, but when you have a moment please consider that this world is much more complicated than a black-n-white freedom-divide that you so casually proffer. A lot of these regimes survive, not because they brutally suppress their people, but because they continually deliver the goods. People do not usually clamor for freedom until their stomachs are filled. Before that, one should fine that they are remarkably indifferent to the type of regime in place. A poll just conducted in Brazil
    find people complaining of wide spread corruption in the political ranks yet they still support the government because it bettered ordinary people’s lives.
    You’ll be surprised how prevalent the stereotype out there is, of fat Americans with nothing better to do but to gorge on hamburgers chanting freedom.
    Lastly, if you think democracy is still the answer, look no further than to the Philipines and and India.


  6. nadine says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery, Warren. ๐Ÿ™‚ When you feel better, hook up with your local Tea Party — I think you’ll fit right in, perhaps to your surprise.


  7. Warren Metzler says:

    Nadine, I want you to know I hold you personally responsible for the long term results of my concussion. I read your post, and was so shocked to find you supporting democracy and recognizing the immoral love of totalitarianism in both the Democratic and Republic elite that I passed out in shock and fell and cracked my skull. The doctors tell me I may have life long sequelae. You’ll be receiving a bill for my recovery. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Welcome to the world of real people wanting a real life for all.


  8. Cisreyyah says:

    I don’t get the “geostrategic” part of the humor.
    It’s just a cute panda throwing a tantrum when people don’t appreciate its product enough. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar ad campaign in the States – if that’s what you’re getting at.


  9. nadine says:

    “Just because due to the paucity of integrity in most elites today, places like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc, and increasingly the US, are lauded, as opposed as recognized as serious signs of a coming disaster doesn’t mean it is morally valid to do so. ”
    You only have to read Thomas Friedman to know how widespread totalitarian envy is among the elite. More so among the Democratic elite because they are in power, and convinced themselves they were owed a long majority, but the Republicans are no beauts either – just look at the “sore loser” syndrome among establishment candidates who lost their primaries.
    Any minority elite that believes it has the right to power will believe this way, esp. if they sense a grassroots democratic movement coming to unseat them.


  10. Warren Metzler says:

    Let me get this straight. A clip that shows pure unadulterated oppressive fascism has layers of geostrategic humor in it.
    No wonder I find the concept geostrategy a mystery.
    Just because due to the paucity of integrity in most elites today, places like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc, and increasingly the US, are lauded, as opposed as recognized as serious signs of a coming disaster doesn’t mean it is morally valid to do so.
    The idea that lack of personal freedom is considered acceptable; because after all you can make as much money as you want (of course only if you are willing to pay brides to large numbers of government officials); I find a travesty.
    But poor me, I forget that “real politik” espoused by the wonderful, loving, kindhearted Henry Kissinger, is what people in reality know is truth. How can I be such a blind anachronistic idiot to believe that personal freedom must be at the foundation of all successes???? How can I be so stupid?


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